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GitHub Jump workflow (not by me)

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There is this awesome workflow that exists on the Internet


That is a shame that it is not posted either here or on Packal. It does this awesome thing where it downloads all your starred repositories to an SQLLite database and lets you query these repos. It is super fast. 


I modified it a little though to make it so that pressing different modifier keys open different pages related to the repo. So for example simply pressing return will open the repository, fn + return will open issues of that repo, cmd + return will open an issue related to the repo and cntrl + return will clone that repo to a folder you specify. Mine is specified as ~/play but you can change it.


Here is the original workflow, credit to the author. And here is the download of my modification of the workflow with changes I mentioned above. It does help to have over 3000 starred repositories but it is still super useful I think and will save many hours from your life.


As bonus I schedule to run the update script once a day with Keyboard Maestro : 




You can probably do it with Launchd but Keyboard Maestro is more familiar to me.

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