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  1. I am currently 'solving' this issue for myself by automating insertion of the external triggers with same trigger name. Which whilst a bit annoying, works. I will try to install things not from npm though going forward.
  2. Also in case of MDN, there is no .alfredworkflow file anywhere to be found. Only way I see how to install it is npm.
  3. Will I get workflow updates this way? I am not too familiar with Alfy.
  4. Yes I did. I guess there is no way to avoid it then. Oh well.
  5. I have a few workflows that I installed with npm. The issue with these workflows is that I often like to add an external trigger to the workflows I am using. However after a few days or weeks, the workflows randomly reset to their initial state, disregarding all my changes. An example of a workflow that reset itself multiple times already is MDN. But there is many more. Why does this happen? And can I avoid it?
  6. So simple but so powerful. I didn't know pbcopy would copy the file content like that. Thank you for sharing it.
  7. Alfred forum together with Keyboard Maestro are my two favourite places to talk about macOS and the awesome things you can do with it. I always wanted to create a chat room where people can share their experiences and the cool things they have made/done on macOS/iOS. Be it some Alfred workflow, KM macro or an new app you have found or made. I made a Telegram group to fill this void in my life and hopefully meet and talk with more likeminded people who are also passionate about mac and what you can do with it. If you are interested in joining. Here is the invite. Hope to see you there. πŸ’œ P.S. This is not strictly an Alfred chat but Alfred is a pretty awesome part of the macOS experience. This forum is still the best and preferred place to ask any Alfred related questions as anyone can search and query this forum. The chat is made to share experiences and talk about how you can connect all these cool apps and tools to work together in new and novel ways.
  8. I love having some kind of consistency in whatever I am doing. I recently wrote a wiki article about my process I go through when making and releasing workflows step by step. Currently this includes Go workflows I write with AwGo library and my non Go workflows I write that I publish in small workflows repo. I really hope that this article will be helpful and I am very open and eager to receive thoughts and feedback on it. Thank you. πŸ’œ Read the article
  9. New release! Added ability to search curated lists.
  10. Updated Web Searches and all my other Go workflows to actually properly use Updating. Plus moved to a library I actually understand for making CLI tools so hope to extend these workflows and new ones in the coming time. If you use this or any of my other workflows, you can update them (or download them) manually from releases now. From then on everything should just workℒ️. πŸ™‚ Small workflows was also recently updated and should also just work too with auto updates.
  11. workflow format

    There is a really awesome workflow you can use for this called WorkflowDirectory. It can let you search all workflows you have on your system and open them in your preferred editor, go inside them to see contents (β†’ arrow). Or if you develop workflows I added an action to export the workflow to the Desktop for making new releases. Here is my modified workflow with the export action. Although the export function by @vitor fails when I try to export workflows that don't have the user.workflow.0EK.. name. Not sure how to fix it. Here is how it looks when searching:
  12. I just realised that the workflows I shared in small workflows repo I have here don't actually update properly. The .alfredoworkflow files don't update as changes to the .alfredworkflow file don't get picked up by Git it seems. My approach in updating the workflows is that I make some changes, update the version number, then swap the .alfredworkflow file and push the changes. For example I just updated `File actions` workflow here. I pushed the latest .alfredworkflow file (ver. 1.0.5) but if you click download you will get only ver. 1.0.3. How do other people do it? I basically tried to replicate what @vitor does but this approach seems to be failing for me and I noticed it only now.
  13. For keywords though I use the workflow here: https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/11001-searching-for-keywords-with-a-workflow-is-insane Alfred hopefully will come with the native version of this in the near future. Can't wait for it myself.
  14. Another option is to use mind maps. For example I had the same problem of not being able to remember things but instead of hotkeys it was external triggers that I call with Karabiner. I made a mind map in MindNode that I can easily open and query in case I need something. The fact that mind maps are visual too helps me remember things.
  15. I added the edited workflow to small workflows in case anyone wants to download it. It's inside Personal workflows category on the bottom.