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  1. Added a small but very useful change to the workflow. There is a new hotkey trigger that will take the selected text and then let you search that text on any of the websites available. I use that a lot now. Can grab the latest release from GitHub. I couldn't figure out how to add GitHub auto updating as the example deanishe provides is using docopt for argument parsing and I use kingpin and when I tried to use docopt, it was really confusing. I wish I could just use vitor's OneUpdater but I don't think I can in this kind of workflow. I also want for the workflow to grab the latest CSV from GitHub and periodically download it locally to user's machine, will try to add that too soon.
  2. As alternative, you can look into dedicated text expansion programs that already have the features you want. I use Typinator and it has it's own dedicated quick search functionality where you can search for parts of text and still get results back.
  3. How to refresh iTunes library?

    Oh wow, didn't notice ⌘R. Works nicely. Thank you.
  4. Let's say I added a song to Automatically Add to Itunes folder. iTunes picks it up and the song is there. However Alfred does not see it. I have to manually go to features -> iTunes -> advanced -> and press find. Is it possible for Alfred to automatically refresh the index if the song is added? Thank you.
  5. A Faster App Switch

    What I do is create a bunch of macros for opening applications in Keyboard Maestro like here : And call that macro from Karabiner. The cool thing with that is that I get one hotkey that will both open the app but also will switch to previous app if same hotkey is pressed again. I use that a lot. Here is how many times I opened Safari with it for example :
  6. Alfred my mind

    Released small update to the workflow. Can find it on GitHub. Transferred all of my notes, now everything can be queried from Alfred. Extending my idea of bootstrapping knowledge. Also added book notes I made and explain shell filter that filters through various shell commands and gives you their documentation super fast. It's pretty insane already. And overall lays a pretty good foundation going forward. The most awesome part comes soon though once Learn Anything releases its official JSON endpoints. The Alfred workflow for that would be so so cool. You will be able to literally query any learnable topic on Earth and get the most efficient resources for learning it. It will be even faster than Google since for Google you have to first make the search, wait for page to load, then pick result. Here you just query topic, query result, use the result, all from Alfred. Pretty awesome. Oh and the ultimate goal with Learn Anything is to have people learning topics they never even thought of encountering in the most efficient way. Imagine 7 billion people in the world knowing how to program computers, writing alfred workflows, automation scripts, websites. What a world that would be.
  7. Google Search for Similar Images

    Really awesome workflow. Thank you for it. One thing I added is that, user can now take an interactive screenshot and search that on Google. Here is the modified workflow if you wish to perhaps add it to your own one.
  8. I want to make a file action that will take a directory as input, then copy all the files from it and give user ability to search for what directory he wants to insert copied files into. Similar to 'Copy to...' command but instead of the folder copied, it will copy the files. Here is the progress I have made so far. I copied the contents of the passed in directory into 'files' array. Then I was thinking I could perhaps run a file filter for folders and and do 'mv $files $1' after but that doesn't seem to work. The Alfred help on file filters doesn't really show how to do nested operations like this. Thank you for any help.
  9. Reverting to previous commits of that python script worked. Here is the workflow. Thank you all. Will keep in mind that I can just include single file scripts like that for the future.
  10. Oh nvm, you are right. I was using this workflow : And thought it was yours. It does work now.
  11. Hey @vitor Perhaps I am missing something but this workflow doesn't seem to work on converting multiple URLs. For example, running the workflow on this line : I like [GitHub](https://github.com) and [Alfred](https://www.alfredforum.com/) Will get me this : I like GitHub and [Alfred It seems to break off. It happens 100 % of the times too.
  12. I want to make a workflow that will take user's current URL which will be an Imgur album and download contents of it to Desktop. I found this and this. First one requires jsawk to be installed which Alfred doesn't have and second requires python 3 which Alfred too sadly does not have. I looked into trying to compile the second python 3 into a static binary but apparently that is not possible or at least the solutions I tried did not work. My only solution is to rewrite that script in Go and produce a statically linked binary that Alfred can actually use or perhaps I can ask users to install jsawk when first running the command. Perhaps I am missing something and there is an easy solution to this all. Would be really lovely if I can get either of those scripts working under Alfred.
  13. quick search from a hotkey

    Or DuckDuckGo For privacy.
  14. How to search contents of PDFs?

    This is awesome. Thank you a lot @GuiB.
  15. This workflow allows you to search through PDF files. However I really wish I could search through the contents of these PDF files. I am not really sure how I can do that. I searched on this forum too but did not find anything on this. Thank you for any help.