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  1. I have updated the workflow to search with scope. It's incredibly fast and the quality of mind maps is improving with each day. I have also started working on an 'alfred' study guide. Would love to hear your thoughts on what would you say should be added there. The goal is to create a step by step guide for getting oneself acquainted with Alfred both for using and for creating awesome workflows. Here is the download for the updated workflow. Would love to hear your thoughts on how I can improve it. Emoji meanings are outlined here.
  2. I actually haven't thought that debugger would output anything for this thus I didn't even think of checking it. On the bright side, if there is again someone like me who has such issue, he actually has something to search for in the forum.
  3. I haven't sorry. Not sure why 'mv' wasn't working, perhaps the given argument path is not 'in correct syntax' but switching to zsh and using 'trash' cli works. Really bad mistake on my part.
  4. Should be easy but I am still quite confused. I have a file filter that searches for files and I want to attach an action for a modifier keypress. Here is the workflow download : It has a bunch of other file filter searches but one I want to change is 'mindnode' search. This one : I tried to first try to move the file to Desktop by doing something like this : But that does nothing. I did check and I do get a path passed in from the file filter. Although the path is of this form : '/Users/nikivi/Library/Mobile Documents/W6L39UYL6Z~com~mindnode~MindNode/Documents/..' I was also thinking of using this cli as I have it installed on my system. I don't really know why it is not working though. Thank you for any help.
  5. Is it possible to add an action to 'open link from reading list and remove link from reading list'?
  6. I have checked it and it shows nothing. I made a small screencast clip of it :
  7. You upgraded to Sierra? But what about Karabiner config?
  8. Hey @deanishe, I am sure as I am on El Captain and Alfred is not taking 99 % of my CPU but rather just glitches out in odd ways.
  9. Also I think I broke Alfred. When I start the prompt, all I get is this : I get no mouse cursor, can't type anything. The only fix for this is to restart Alfred I guess. Have been having these weird glitches quite often with Alfred but I should probably move this issue to 'bugs' rather than have this here. I also often get moments where I can't even call Alfred at all. I press my hotkey trigger and nothing shows up, nor can I use any of the workflows. The only solution is to go to Activity Monitor, force quit Alfred and start again. It doesn't happen too often (maybe once in two-three days, but still is incredibly annoying). Perhaps that maybe the reason why the above workflow is not working for me? I really think I did everything right, it passes 'images' as arg : The argument filter catches 'images' too : And yet when I activate on 'images' alfred prompt just dismisses.
  10. Thank you a lot. It's working amazing now. One thing however that is strange is one of the objects doesn't seem to trigger after an argument is passed and I have no idea why as the argument that the filter catches should be correct. If you have the time, here is new updated workflow : The part not working is 'images'. It should show a list from the script filter but it doesn't show anything. However if I just use it like this : It works.
  11. Here is the workflow I want to modify : I want to make a List Filter that will activate a script filter depending on what result was chosen. So if I have a list filter like so : If I activate on 'learn anything' it will pass 'learn' as query and then activate the script filter with 'learn' spelled out in Alfred. How can I filter through each of the 'list filter items' and fire off certain script filters depending on what item was activated without having this issue of it passing something to a script filter and opening a non empty script filter prompt?
  12. I never can submit workflows on Packal. Always get this error : Don't really know what is wrong.
  13. I have published an Alfred Workflow that allows you to search various curated mind maps I have made. It also has an option to just search for study guide learning mind maps that provide the best resources one can take to learn the subject in a guided manner. In future, this will cover every topic one can learn and if you want to improve and change it, you can. Here is the GitHub repository of the workflow and here is the direct download of it. I hope you enjoy it. The cool thing is that if you dislike something or disagree with the way they are structured, you can propose the changes you want to make and thus everyone benefits.
  14. I am trying to create a new workflow which would parse the markdown file and take into the account the nesting of headers like I outline here. I am curious, would it be possible to add the annotations that I have below the headers and add them as subtitles to the 'script filter item'? So I will get something like this as result : And if I press some modifier key, it would show me the subtitle of the item which will be the full description that is attached to the link. This one : Here is the markdown file of links and descriptions.
  15. What I do is hide all useless menu bar items with Bartender (all menu items that bring no value and just take up space) and then split my menu bar into two parts. One that I can bring up with a hotkey press which contains most important menu items. The dark bar in the image : And the other just stay in the menu bar itself which can be seen by dragging the mouse to the top. I like to hide the menu bar all together as it is distracting : Also I use this menu bar trick with BitBar very heavily. I even have it implemented so that it will take some arbitrary text (like a task from 2Do) and it will send this text to BitBar to update it. Here is Keyboard Maestro macro that does this (the regex is needed to strip some text and for it to be BitBar friendly) : This sends any task I highlight to BitBar so my menu bar gets updated with new task. I then use Hammerspoon to display it briefly on my screen like so : Here is the code that does this. I also have a macro that resets this menu bar text : It's actually quite useful.