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  1. Here are my parameters: I actually left them as default and they work well for me. Only thing I did change was lower key repeat to be really low:
  2. Yeah I did get your config. Thank you for sharing it. Really happy to find other people who are also into this remapping thing. It's just so bizarre that people don't care to personalise their app or OS experience and just use the defaults for everything.
  3. First of all, K+A are not simultaneous for me. The reason is that A is my modifier key which is my control key and I use it a lot. So A + K quickly triggers `control + k`. I only sim keys like JK or KL or LM. Essentially keys that are related to HJKL because those are VIM keys. Also you can set the delay for key triggers but for me it is perfect and I never have any problems typing normally and using my bindings. As for your question, you do need to get into the habit of separated writing. Essentially you never should bottom down on a key and still hold it unless you want to make your binding. Simultaneous keys are certainly worth it though. My most used one is JK to do Google Search with Searchio and : + J to search open Safari tabs + KL for searching Dash. Try and experiment with it though and see if you like it. Karabiner allows you to make the delay or the trigger timing so you can make something that works for you. My other advice as I mentioned before is to not make HJKL keys modifiers because holding down on these keys is really useful if you use VIM or some kind of Vim mode anywhere (which I advise you do). Oh and one more binding that I advise you guys you to try is binding semicolon to a shift key. Having semicolon as shift key and A key as control key is aamazing. Especially if you use Vim because you can make any kind of motion without moving your hands. Ever. Don't forget to also make caps lock into escape on single press and some other modifier when held. I use Caps + keys to search specific Dash docs. (i.e. Caps + G to search Go docs or Caps + T to search Python). p.s. Poor OP, all he wanted to do was make Alfred window a frontmost app
  4. Yeah but how do I learn it? I am kind of trying. Also if you noticed, I don't post many questions on this forum compared to say few months ago. I even try to be methodical about it all.
  5. I am working on the smart part. Just give it time. I am not the smartest bloke in this forum.
  6. I even have a macro to go to Alfred Forum Here it is if anyone wants it. It is binded to C + 9 for me and it also jumps between different Alfred Forum tabs.
  7. Without Karabiner, managing Learn Anything and all its thousands of maps would be a nightmare for me. So it helps.
  8. My biggest frustration with using other people's computers is switching apps. I am soo used to switching apps by simply pressing two keys. That cmd + tabbing is just painful. The number of times I used this macro alone is insane imo.
  9. What is touch tap to click*? I also have my right shift key mapped to delete. And right option key to cmd + tab to switch apps quickly. Those two are really neat too. Oh and of course mapping right cmd to alfred although I nearly never use default Alfred prompt.
  10. Alfred Workflows List I was quite upset that Packal search was no longer working and I was quite unhappy with all the other curated Alfred workflows lists out there so I made my own. I am updating this list very often and I will include all the useful workflows that I have personally used and liked. Feel free to scroll around and see if you find something you have never tried before. The list is also open to contributions and I am open to feedback in improving it. You can view the curated list here. In the future, I want to make a Packal alternative in Go with hooks to GitHub releases and tags. Together with discovery of new workflows by showing all new workflows that were created with Alfred topic. Until then, this list should work well.
  11. It was really fun to use at first. But I stopped using it as I do everything from the keyboard. I even activate various things that don't have a hotkey with a hotkey using KM. Like using this macro: To click here in Safari: I do use D + G to center mouse to current window a lot though.
  12. I prefix things. General category is actually my normal mode category. But I use few profiles for programming things. The only difference between these profiles is the P sticky key does different things. The general profile is my Go profile. So P + f will insert `fmt.Println()` or P + G to insert log.Printf() and move caret between brackets (I use that a lot for debugging). Also P + W will insert `workflow:` which is @deanishe AwGo library magic argument for workflows. I try to write many workflows, often failing but still trying. And then I use this to switch between profiles: I optimise things for fast retrieval and memory. So I can do anything as fast as 1 second and I always can query things in case I forget something. I also structure things to scale. Also the only keys that are not sticky for me are HJKL because sVim and vim mode.
  13. No problem. 🙂 I always wondered why so many people shared things and their code for free. Now I understand. Open Source is addicting.
  14. I have issues with my own machine when Karabiner glitches out. I have to restart and cry. Fortunately, this nearly never happens. This whole thing started from me trying out Brett Treppstra's hyper key for caps lock and then thinking, why not do this for every single key. It's insanely powerful especially if you combine it with Alfred and the amazement that Keyboard Maestro is. My advice is to make a mental map of what key is responsible for what and after using it, you just remember things. No need to memorise things explictly. Also find a way to super quickly iterate on it. In my case I have a macro that will open Karabiner config that is always open in second tab of iTerm with vim using this macro: Which opens vim: And then I can add my changes and jump around the XML file with prefixes (i.e. _alf def or _km def or sticky g). And then I use this to instantly refresh the config. I believe Karabiner Elements has something similar.
  15. My delete key is S + D. All my configuration is mapped as a map here. It's easier to navigate it if you own MindNode and you download it locally. I wish there was a Karabiner remapping forum available. I would live there.