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  1. For some reason, when I activate it and press on any of the results, the next list filter never shows up. No error in debugger either. I made a screencast of it: https://www.loom.com/share/7c830bc4215d4b4695b120eb4e2838fe It only appears if I also add a large type object, for some reason. I have a feeling it's not an issue with your workflow though @rknightuk but a bug in Alfred. Perhaps I need to reinstall Alfred @Andrew? Also love your wiki, it's really well made. ♥️
  2. Some little stream where people could ask questions similar to https://m.twitch.tv/videos/1006188936 Would be awesome to see. ♥️ I am personally always curious about people's workflows in regards to things and Vitor published lots of workflows by now, lots to learn. Most of the knowledge is scattered around on the forum though.
  3. As inspiration for the custom presaved blocks idea, here is a plugin for Keyboard Maestro that some user made: https://forum.keyboardmaestro.com/t/macro-kmfam-favorite-actions-and-macros/4854 I kind of want that but for Alfred.
  4. One thing I wanted in Alfred personally that is not related to above 'block abstractions' is custom blocks. As example, instead of creating an empty Alfred Workflow JSON block and filling it with content like so: I would right click and have a new option `Custom` where I have a selection of custom prefilled blocks with custom names. Above block can be named `Strip title/subtext` for example. To add a new custom block, right click on some block and add it to the collection. To remove, perhaps have a new place somewhere in Alfred Preferences that lists all the added custom blocks with ability to edit or remove/rename the blocks. Not a big issue of course but it could be nice. As far as abstractions go, I think Alfred is actually kind of perfect and even huge workflows like Spotify Mini Player are relatively easy to understand even if they do have many blocks. I was thinking it could be useful perhaps to combine multiple blocks into one block in a similar fashion to `custom prefilled blocks`. But copying and pasting stuff is much more cleaner and avoids indirection etc.
  5. I wonder if there could potentially be a way to create some kind of block abstractions in Alfred? This thread inspired me to start a discussion on this. It’s not much of an issue to me honestly but I do wonder if it would be nice to at some point have a way to group multiple blocks into a group and reuse that group across workflows. When workflow gets downloaded, things work out of the box too. Just a thought. 🙃
  6. Found this twitter thread that talks about why swift string methods are slower due to the encoding. Maybe useful I am aware of the Dean’s Medium article he shared on it. 🙃
  7. > you need a little trick to make it work Yeah having to unsign Xcode and stuff through me off but happy to hear it works nicely. I read through GitHub issues that said otherwise.
  8. Interesting discussion. Quite interested to try out the app @godboutfrom the description it reminded me of https://shortcatapp.com I have global vim bindings setup myself but with karabiner. s + hjkl (arrow keys), s +w (select current word), s+v (visually select, it stacks so s+v+l will do essentially shift + right arrow key). And so on. Here is config file for s key defined in Karabiner/Goku https://github.com/nikitavoloboev/dotfiles/blob/eb7e89f05633e37b07e149a08a2de542ddcabf1a/karabiner/karabiner.edn#L444 On Swift side, one thing that is so annoying to me is that Xcode still doesn't have proper vim mode And Swift LSP is immature to keep using VSCode for it. Hoping this WWDC will introduce proper plugin development for Xcode.
  9. Can checkout https://github.com/lilyball/alfred-rs and https://github.com/spamwax/alfred-workflow before writing a new alfred library in Rust.
  10. Was fun seeing my workflow as example. This is nothing though, here is me using https://github.com/lox/alfred-github-jump to search my 21,300 GitHub stars. Can't even see it. Although personally I don't find it an issue. I use the scroll bar size as indicator of how many results are being returned so current behavior is perfect for me in achieving this.
  11. So waiting a month with it broken was worth it. macOS fixed it on its own 🎊
  12. Personally I think it looks fine in both modes as light icon. Also this is a view that a user might see once in a year/lifetime.
  13. I tried both open & mdls: And it didn't work. Alfred troubleshooting thing always works all the time. Not sure what you mean with touch command, I guess `cat` contact content to clipboard. Then create a new .abcdp file with the clipped content. I have a feeling that maybe it's Alfred checking whether the contact is in default search scope may do something too. Thanks for the help @Andrew. Just wanted to note this in case someone else has similar issues and finds this thread as those solutions didn't work for me.
  14. Would it be possible to open source Alfred Metadata Tool? I am very curious to know what actually causes the act of inspecting a contact to be indexed properly by Alfred. So I can perhaps write a script to run it on all the 800+ contacts so all are indexed. I know this is a hacky approach but I don't have time to reinstall macOS from scratch (will do it when I get M2 mac machine). If it's not possible, I guess I can live with it until then. Thanks.
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