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  1. I have this file ( Each line of it is either a hyperlink or just some text. Is it possible to have a quick way that will taken this markdown file, create a json struct for alfred script filter where the title is each of the line's text and the action of it is the url attached to the text? The output will then look like this (with all of the fields transferred in this way ): I looked into parsing this markdown file into a json struct ( but that doesn't solve the issue as then I still need to have a correct json. I guess the only solution is to write some kind of custom markdown parser suited for this specific problem? Or perhaps there is some other way I can go to solve this? Thank you for any help.
  2. As the title says, I want to transfer all of these global web searches : Into one very easily extensible script filter. Reason is that I want to be able to fuzzy search on the web searches so I can search for 'travel' and 's: travel' will show up as result or search for 'compsci' and 's: theoretical compsci' will appear. If I press on this search, it will autocomplete the entry and add a space to it. So for example I search for 'travel' like so : When I press return or press tab on it, it would expand it like so : And from there on, I can type my query so I can say 's: travel europe' and it will open this page ( In the end, I want to scope all of my web searches to a single trigger and be able to fuzzy search through all of my web searches in this way and not pollute my Alfred global scope. My question, is what would be the easiest way I can go about doing this? I find it quite difficult to really get this workflow working. Thank you for any help.
  3. There is this amazing application called Pixave ( It has a free trial if you want to try it out. I use it to organise all my media files. One thing that is missing from it is getting the image I want from my library really quickly, ideally from Alfred. The app stores everything in some weird format. Here is the info of the library : I tried making a file filer for it but that returns nothing as expected. What I wish is to have an Alfred workflow that would allow me to scan through the entire of my library and open the image in Pixave. So if I have an image in Pixave library with this name : Searching for it in Alfred : Would show me this image as one of the results. From then on, I and click return and get to the Pixave library with that image focused. Another thing these images have are certain subfields like URL of the image. For example this image has this url : It would be awesome if you can extend this workflow, so with a modifier press on the result from above, it would put this link into user's clipboard. This would be phenomenal to have. I don't really even know where I can start developing this workflow. How can I read and retrieve all the items from this library. How can I make them actionable? I tried messaging the developer itself but he was unaware of what Alfred was and how it works. I would be grateful for any help I can get on this. It would probably save me days over course of months as I have a huge collection but interacting with it is a pain.
  4. I would love to tweak this workflow so if I create a new timer whilst a timer is already running, it would override it. Right now it doesn't do that and just does the ringing sound.
  5. I only use it to uninstall applications to be honest. The workflow works in a very easy way, I fire it up and type in application I want to uninstall : So no, I wouldn't say it is worth its price. But I did get it for free sometime ago.
  6. I have recently updated my github repository with quite a few workflows that I use added to it. I still have quite a few to add and will update it with time but there is still quite a bit there I think. All the ones that have ✨ next to them are ones I heavily use and recommend. Each of the links is clickable too. And here it is as a live mind map. It is part of my bigger mind map where I try to document my knowledge and curations in an open and easily discoverable way. I will also add descriptions to each of the workflows and add gifs where appropriate to get a better idea of what each of the workflows can do. Hope it would be useful to some.
  7. Thank you a lot, @vitor. I will try to extend it to give a list of all the problems from all webpages. Also I am really fan of the approach of downloading these hyperlinks to some local sql database and then just reading from the database. Like this workflow does ( Also I have a question. You use to share files and workflows. Do you have any handy workflows built for it? Like for example a file filter that will take a folder/file and will give a link.
  8. I wanted to make a list filter for Project Euler ( that would effectively give me a list of all the problems that exist on the site in a list. I can make a list filter and manually create a link and an appropriate title and put it under one list filter. Kind of how I have done here ( However this is very time consuming. Project Euler also doesn't offer any API. Can someone recommend a way where I can get all of these problem titles and their respective links : Under one script filter. Thank you for any help.
  9. I had an idea of making this workflow for some time now. I want to have a screenshot utility that will take a screenshot created by a user, it will recognise the text in this image and put the text into the clipboard of the user. So if I was to screenshot this line from wikipedia for example : It would scan it, and put a text representation of this image into my clipboard. So in my clipboard after the scan, I will have this : I found a library that seems to do what I want : However I am not quite sure how to connect all these pieces. I can make a screenshot by issuing a screencapture -ci command. Then perhaps I need to save this image to some temporary location and then run this or some other OCR program on it and get the text I need? This workflow is specifically useful for me for grabbing text from places where text is non selectable. Like for example, I wish I could screenshot this image : And get the text from this image into my clipboard. Thank you for any help.
  10. Well although Large Type does take away focus from Alfred, it can be restored by pressing cmd + l again. I found a solution for it though. I will just use 'context' area to show the other part of my message. Thank you for your help @vitor
  11. I have a workflow action that searches GitHub. I call it with Karabiner and as a way of documentation, I show the actions as subtext to the action like so : If text is large enough, it gets truncated with .... I know I can press a modifier key and hold it and have the text I specify here appear : However for me I wish I can just show that whole result in Large Type with a hotkey. Right now pressing cmd + l would show what I have typed in the window in large type which I find pretty useless. I wish I can press cmd + l to instead show this result selected in large type. It would be really really useful for me. Can such a thing be done already perhaps? Thank you for any help.
  12. This applescript works however : on alfred_script(q) tell application "System Events" to key code 49 using {command down} end alfred_script
  13. How can I enforce a language before I make a search? For example when searching for Yandex, I want to always search in Russian there. I am nearly always in US mode and even when I am in Russian, Alfred will always enforce english language. I just want to be able to run this Yandex Search script filter in Russian language only. I tried using dispatch key code combo to simulate cmd + space, before running the trigger to the script filter but the dispatch key code didn't register the key code for some reason. Thank you for any help. This workflow is phenomenal.
  14. You can also take a look at MadRuby for this. It stimulates keypresses for you and repeats them a set number of times.