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  1. Yeah I stupidly thought it would prompt me. AppCleaner is good choice. I wanted to move away from this workflow but will probably end up using it again. I just wanted to get rid of CMM as I dont use it much and want to keep a clean OS.
  2. I want to make a simple workflow that searches /Applications dir for apps and then on activating will move the item to trash. I can't do this from Alfred due to Permission denied error. I tried prepending the mv command with sudo but that doesnt work either. Is there any other way to get around this issue? I want to quickly search through apps I own and move them to trash where Hazel than picks it up and offers to remove supplement files for the app. Thank you for any help.
  3. nikivi

    Web Search - Choose browser

    It reads this CSV file that defines web searches with queries. This way the web searches are extended with community and Alfred users don't duplicate the efforts of recreating all these searches. New version that will be released will also allow for extending a custom CSV file so that users can create their own searches that they for some reason don't want to include in the public searches list.
  4. I also want to try use Perkeep. Watched a a talk by Rob Pike on it and it seems amazing.
  5. It doesn't let you retrieve encrypted data to decrypt it locally? That's silly. I guess I will look into Amazon/Google then.
  6. I just was confused when you said this. I thought that you could encrypt backup on client side (i.e. with Arq) and then send encrypted backup to BackBlaze. So then what's not to like about BackBlaze, it's cheap too compared to the rest. From what I read BackBlaze doesn't need to decrypt the backup to store it. That's what I was confused about.
  7. I thought that Arq encrypts data and sends only encrypted data to BackBlaze. Only you have the key to decrypt it.
  8. I am curious where you store your backups at? If you don't mind sharing it. I've been thinking of using a cloud backup solution in combination with Time Machine and so far it seems Arq with BackBlaze as cloud provider is a good solution.
  9. nikivi

    Web Search - Choose browser

    Selfless plug. But I made a workflow to solve this and other pains I had with native web searches. I use it and Searchio exclusively now and love it. Can also adjust it to open in different browsers.
  10. Released new version that now caches the lists for 6 hours.
  11. Double clicking I'm feeling lucky for .. achieves nothing for me. I can't see what URL it actually uses. I tried to double click on this: Did I do something wrong? EDIT: I did find the URL after all. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q={query}&btnI=I In case anyone wants it too. I added it it in my Search Selection workflow.
  12. Yeah that makes it a bit faster indeed. However I call my workflow with an External trigger it doesn't seem to have this option. In any way, I think the speed of it is fine, I just had to get used to it coming from Hammerspoon.
  13. Do you mean this: If yes, I did have it set. The delay it turns out is not that bad after some time using it. I was just used to instant feedback of my Hammerspoon displaying. Large Type is nearly instant but there is still a bit of a delay that you see (~ 1 second) vs 0 seconds of Hammerspoon.
  14. nikivi

    TODO Task

    TODO Task This small workflow lets you write tasks in Alfred and then with another action display them in the middle of the screen. For more information on how to use it read the README.
  15. I updated this workflow and published it on GitHub. Now it works for everyone as it uses Alfred Data Dir to save the TODO & temp file.