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  1. Shameless plug, but I made a workflow of my own that tries to solve this by simply including every website you can possibly search for in one big list. Added Baidu to the list too. 🙂
  2. I am curious. Is there anything where Spotlight is actually better at than Alfred? I haven't used Spotlight in quite a while.
  3. Now that I think of it. That's actually a potentially awesome software that can be built. Similar to how Discourse gives you a really awesome plug in and play solution to make a forum. It would be awesome if there was one similar software that would give you a plug in and play solution to add some kind of submission and then make a powerful search over these submissions. Something like this would also help Keyboard Maestro and quite a few other apps with plugins or some other software that wants to be tracked. Discourse is genuinely amazing and I wish this kind of quality software was used to solve this other problem of tracking software or file submissions and providing a builtin solutions people can use. I would love for Alfred to have that. Even better, if this solution would have some GitHub hooks so that it would automatically upload and update your software from GitHub release or the like. So in short I wish there existed a similar to Discourse software system one could use to make a central repository of something, be it alfred workflows, keyboard maestro macros, hazel rules or whatever else. That users can then search over and use. With focus on UX of both users updating the index and users searching and exploring this index. I can't think of a single software solution that exists that solves that well. Perhaps someone wants to build this?
  4. Yeah true. I actually was considering not mentioning it because of this reason. It's just I thought they do solve this exact problem of discoverability very well. In any way, I have deleted my posts and won't be mentioning them again. As you say, if they are good already, they will be mentioned although I doubt. There are so many amazing workflows out there that simply don't get noticed by anyone because of this exact problem of discoverability. Packal was once great at solving this problem and I actually searched through its entire index downloading all workflows from there and leaving ones I did like to myself at one point. That's why I wanted to share my alfred.preferences or rather my entire workflow collection with other people but as you have mentioned, there are some problems with Licences and workflows not being up-to-date at times. It's just how awesome would it be for a person to get his powerpack upgrade and instantly get ALL and Everything awesome people have made with it in an instant. No searching, no asking, no wondering around. Also I did post in that must-have workflows once. It's awesome now that I actually have some of my own workflows that rival in their usage to something like Searchio or Dash.
  5. Thank you. Adding node_modules to spotlight blacklist works. However apparently Gitbook doesn't even need me to have these node_modules to use its Gitbook plugins which is even more awesome.
  6. Another option I see is to actually add comments to the folders I want to search over but that too is extremely annoying as I have many folders. I just need some way to exclude a folder and all of its contents being searched by this File Filter.
  7. I posted a similar issue recently here where I wanted to exclude some items from my File Filter search. And the answer given actually worked for the use I had as I could add a comment to the one folder I wanted to skip and everything was well. However I have a big problem where there are multiple folders I want to exclude. Or rather one folder, named 'node_modules'. I have this repository and I have this workflow I use which searches through folders inside this repository. However it also searches inside node_modules and its thousands of folders. I tried to give node_modules a finder comment : And then skipping it in File Filter : But that only works for this one folder, it doesn't actually apply to the folders inside node_modules. And it is unfeasible for me to add this comment to every single folder in node_modules just so I can skip them. What can I do in this case? Thank you a lot for any help.
  8. Thank you @vitor. This is indeed really awesome. I now modified this awesome alfred extension to export the workflow with a modifier keypress using your script. Here is the modified workflow. The only disadvantage is that searching is super slow because I have so many workflows. Thank you again for sharing it.
  9. No I was asking for Alfred to automatically prepend version number to exports. As it is tedious to add the version number yourself.
  10. That is true. It's just a bit cumbersome to do it every time. I don't actually add version numbers myself to the exports because of this reason. But I do think there is value in knowing the version of the workflow you are downloading.
  11. I think it would be quite useful to include version number prepended to workflow file-name when exporting workflows that have a version set in them. Similar to how @deanishe does it here. I think it would be useful to know what version a workflow is when exporting them.
  12. Also just to note, showing them in large type would work perfectly well for me. Something like this would be perfect for me : Where Alfred only shows modifier tooltips if there are any. Perhaps have it be activated on ⌘ + U or some other key similar to ⌘ + Y for quick view. Thank you a lot @Andrew if you do consider adding it. It would really be quite amazing for me.
  13. I think it was because the raw info.plist didn't update instantly. So the version that OneUpdater saw in the raw info.plist was old. I think it was some kind of bug or delay with GitHub. But if the version it reads is correct from that info.plist and is indeed higher than what you have, it will trigger an update. It worked for me in the end.
  14. I would really appreciate if something like this would be considered to be added. It solves a huge problem of mine.