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  1. I am trying to install this workflow by first loading it to ~/Downloads and then opening it. For some reason for this specific workflow, nothing gets loaded to Alfred. I mentioned it to developer and it seems I am alone in having this problem. Is there any way to get any logs or information of why it fails? Thanks.
  2. I thought I knew Alfred. This is cool 😎
  3. I don’t bread as much as I type. You use Vim too I know, I am sure you wouldn’t be able to stand a day developing in Xcode. That is considering I already have global vim emulation to a certain level across all apps I use. I just find myself enjoying writing and editing code in vim too much. Neovim embedded in Xcode or a proper Swift LSP is something I wish happens in my lifetime.
  4. No but I don’t plan to leave the comfort of my editor in order to make it. I have too much invested in optimizing VSCode/Vim and I can’t imagine writing anything without vim at this point. For mobile I would definitely use React Native but for desktop I’ll wait for Swift LSP to mature or some other framework like Revery.
  5. You are right. The problem is that I am/was considering building a desktop app and I was evaluating what to use to build it. As much as I would like to build it in Swift and go full on native, I just can't force myself to touch Xcode coming from VS Code and its amazing editor + vim mode. Xcode is stone age compared to it. And Swift LSP is still immature. The developer experience of building an electron app in TypeScript and the ecosystem surrounding it is very hard to dismiss. I wish that wasn't the case.
  6. That's a huge issue. Unless Alfred creates this file or the developer doesn't have to think about creating this file, this system won't work. As many would simply not bother adding more friction to their workflow of writing and publishing their workflows. imo
  7. This is soo infuriating! As some of the forum members here know, I like to call all my Alfred workflows via external triggers which I add myself on every update of the workflow. Only npm installed workflows often overwrite my changes without any updates to the workflow.. I even plan to rewrite some workflows I use that are in node in Go just so I don't have to deal with this.
  8. I have a create-react-app project I named web-test that I use to test out web stuff. Get things like hot reloading and other niceties and test out stuff or build new components quickly in a light project. And have KM macro bound to instantly open the project to quickly test things out (could be turned in a workflow action). Perhaps you will find it useful too in cases where a lightweight html, css and a JS file is not enough.
  9. Thank you. Yeah as @vitor said it felt like a hacky solution. `{var:an-empty-keyword}` is perfect and clear, thank you @deanishe
  10. I want to have a Keyword without any title as I trigger it through external trigger and find the text distracting. One way I can achieve this is to expand a variable that doesn't exist like so: And this works. But perhaps there is a better way to achieve this? Just curious as I can't actually leave the field blank, Alfred will complain.
  11. I have a performance issue when I activate an app from a Keyboard Maestro from following macro: This issue disappears if I open the app from Alfred like this: I thought that it activated open -a 2Do under the hood but running that command still gives me bad performance as the above KM macro. I would like to know what Alfred actually does to open / switch focus to the app when triggered through the Alfred prompt. Thank you.
  12. One thing that would be useful to add to Pacmax (and something current Alfred documentation lacks on the website) is how can you distribute your freshly made workflows to people. Perhaps Pacmax can mention the two ways (single repo per workflow distributed via GitHub releases aided by AwGo or some other library) or the mono repo approach with use of OneUpdater or some other mechanism although I only know OneUpdater and use it myself for my mono repo. I have both mono and single repo workflows I distribute. I think having this information I mentioned above, perhaps even on Pacmax Share page with some examples of these approaches in action would be very useful.
  13. You haven’t answered my question about potentially making the site open source. But I guess the answer to that is no which is fine too.
  14. @mjwalfreds Have you thought about open sourcing Pacmax? Is there a reason you wish to keep it closed source? I ask because I see no value in keeping it closed source unless you somehow plan to make money off this that is not just donations. If the tool was open source, it would be much easier to actually make it the 'best' tool all Alfred users use and love. I or some other Alfred user/developer may chip in and maybe add a PR for a proof of work spider or some UI/UX changes. List goes on. I think it's one of the reasons Packal died off. The maintainer got busy with life and had no time to support Packal in a meaningful way. Open source solves this issue if there is any interest in the tool and I reckon there is an interest in a tool like this unless @Andrew has something official planned for the future.
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