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  1. Well although Large Type does take away focus from Alfred, it can be restored by pressing cmd + l again. I found a solution for it though. I will just use 'context' area to show the other part of my message. Thank you for your help @vitor
  2. I have a workflow action that searches GitHub. I call it with Karabiner and as a way of documentation, I show the actions as subtext to the action like so : If text is large enough, it gets truncated with .... I know I can press a modifier key and hold it and have the text I specify here appear : However for me I wish I can just show that whole result in Large Type with a hotkey. Right now pressing cmd + l would show what I have typed in the window in large type which I find pretty useless. I wish I can press cmd + l to instead show this result selected in large type. It would be really really useful for me. Can such a thing be done already perhaps? Thank you for any help.
  3. This applescript works however : on alfred_script(q) tell application "System Events" to key code 49 using {command down} end alfred_script
  4. How can I enforce a language before I make a search? For example when searching for Yandex, I want to always search in Russian there. I am nearly always in US mode and even when I am in Russian, Alfred will always enforce english language. I just want to be able to run this Yandex Search script filter in Russian language only. I tried using dispatch key code combo to simulate cmd + space, before running the trigger to the script filter but the dispatch key code didn't register the key code for some reason. Thank you for any help. This workflow is phenomenal.
  5. You can also take a look at MadRuby for this. It stimulates keypresses for you and repeats them a set number of times.
  6. So would such a thing be possible to be added? I have a very large number of workflows and I really love the idea of prefixing workflows for very fast sorting and visual distinction. I also love keeping them lowercased as personal preference. I have updated my entire list of all the workflows I use here. It is incredibly valuable for me. Here are the prefixes I use and their meaning : Right now though it is quite painful to maintain this as every time you update the workflow, the title gets reset completely. I wish there was a way to preserve the title. Thank you a lot if you do decide to implement this feature.
  7. Wow. Yep, it would be. Thank you. Was there any documentation on it or I just didn't look good enough?
  8. Another solution, which for me would be even better is to allow a new modifier action for 'contact searches'. So for example I search for a contact name like so : Pressing on it with no modifiers will bring the minified contact viewer like it does now. But pressing on the contact with a modifier key like control + return, would open that contact page in contacts for editing. This would save me a lot of time as currently if I want to edit something, I have to go to contacts app, search for the contact and only then can I edit it. This would allow me to go and edit the contact's info instantaneously. Thank you. I hope this would be possible to do and add.
  9. I want to make a Contacts custom action that when activated on notes of the user (arrow below) : I wish it would go instantly to the contact profile of that user. This one : This would be incredibly useful for me. Thank you a lot for any help.
  10. Updated it. It was mostly bad as I use Safari myself. But now both Chrome and Chrome Canary also work. Thank you.
  11. This is a simple workflow I often use to download Imgur albums. Here is a Github page of it and here is the download. Hope you find it useful.
  12. Hey Dean, If you will be rewriting this workflow in the future. Aside from Quora addition, which would be wonderful to have. Would it be possible to also add Twitter search with autosuggestions? Something like this : But from Alfred.
  13. Yes, I guess I can do that. But that would take quite some time especially if you consider doing it for all workflows I will be updating. I just hope that this would be possible to do and something Andrew can agree to implement. It just gives so much freedom to the user to customise his collection without spending time in maintaining the structure of it.
  14. I love to prefix and lowercase all workflows in Alfred. So for example I prefix my workflows with a: (as can be seen below) I also like to lowercase all the workflows (my personal preference). I also wish I could prefix other people's workflows according to their category. As I have over 200 workflows and it will ease searching for them greatly. The problem with this however is that when I update any one of these workflows, which name I changed, it will restore the workflow's name to what the original author had (not lowercase and without my prefix). Would it be possible to add a way to preserve the custom name the users give to the externally downloaded workflows. So if I decide to rename a workflow like so : And then the author has updated the workflow, I want to get all the changes, but keep the name I gave to the workflow. I think it should be possible as it is only the title. The bundle id will be unique to the author. I doubt many people do decide to change names of workflows when they download them but I really wish to use prefixes and keep my own names of workflows. I hope you can understand what I mean and this would be possible to do. It would save me a lot of time and would allow me to customise my collection of workflows more nicely.
  15. Well it was a general question of calling external triggers with text selection in mind thus I didn't open it on on the official workflow forum thread. Since I call all my workflows from Karabiner now, I wanted to also move text selection triggers to an external trigger if I can. I think I can simulate cmd + c copy in applescript, save it to variable, and pass it to argument of the script. Perhaps there is another way to do it though.