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  1. Or using Google Engine suggestions to pass the query to Google's autocomplete visualizer. Holy shit this is exciting.
  2. That's fine too. Python is easy to read. And you have awesome comments. 🙂
  3. In fact I think what would be awesome is to use my Web Searches workflow to let users customize custom searches driven by some engine. Either on default result or on modifiers. Through the settings, like what Search has with Installed Searches ... to list all current filters. On return of any of the results let user pick through return, alt, opt, cmd, fn, shift and then on return of those show up Web Searches prompt of all the different searches to map to. With ability to add a custom search if none of the searches you want satisfy you. (Of course user can also extend Web Searches database optionally too). That would be pretty cool I think and it's already written in Go. I might try to read through all of Searchio code and extract all the relevant parts I need to try make this work. If I will need to rewrite Searchio for this, so be it.
  4. By default you add a search engine that will as default result on activating suggestions run the query on the engine's website. Just like what Searchio does now. What makes Searchio unique is the suggestions. The version I am thinking of building looks and works exactly like Searchio does now but has ability to customize outputs of searches to custom URLs. Not sure how that would work Alfred wise but I believe it should be possible.
  5. I do think that is a superior way than what Searchio provides currently. This way it is a lot more flexible and can achieve everything current Searchio achieves too.
  6. It does. i.e. cmd + return on YouTube search filter to make a search for past month on YouTube. I see many more cases where I want to scope my search to a certain filter but reuse the suggestions powered by Searchio. Although Google Lucky search is most crucial of them all.
  7. I will try to rewrite Searchio myself with a different data model. I also wanted to include a small portion of Searchio code in my Web Searches workflow to use Google powered suggestions queries to search any website on the net. (MIT license allows me to do it if I mention where I got the code from). But rewriting Searchio should be a learning experience. Might do it in OCaml too as I've been learning it. Makes perfect sense. Thank you for your help and time.
  8. @deanishe Can you help with guiding me on how I can customize Searchio to do customized searches on modifier key presses? i.e. doing Google Lucky search on Google script filter with alt+return? I haven't touched Go in quite a bit of time and would literally do anything to get this feature working in Searchio.
  9. Programming isn't for me. Apologize for asking for help @deanishe
  10. Going to try it. I thought about it for few minutes and tried building the workflow but had some problems developing it. p.s. I also like asking questions I guess. Bad habit.
  11. To expand on this. I believe you can get the query with {query} inside the actual script filter. But I want to get this {query} variable inside Go code in some way.
  12. I want to modify Searchio workflow so that if I press cmd key + return on any of the results, it would search what I typed into Alfred on Google/YouTube/.. So if I press cmd + return on alfred sickert result, it would instead of searching alfred sickert make a query on what I typed in Alfred (alfred is sick in this case). Thus saving me a keystroke of up arrow and return (where current fallback query is placed in Searchio). From what I understand, this is impossible to achieve due to Alfred not providing this information. Or I am wrong? If I am wrong. I would like to move this thread to feature requests as I really wish this feature existed. Thank you.
  13. I am a bit confused how do I invoke this CFBundleDocumentTypes on an app from CLI. The other strange thing is that these JS/TS/.d.ts files have the proper kind show in Get Info. But Alfred Metadata shows them to have public.folder. Although File Type is probably different to Kind.