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  1. The link search isn’t working yet as it’s hard coded to my file system. Have to read up on awgo caching and things. 🐝
  2. Made a small update to the workflow to search through all the links in the wiki. As well as improved the general search so it gets correct URLs. Small demo below.
  3. It is super annoying not being able to search for a specific string in Alfred debugger. Especially when you have output of multiple lines so you are forced to scroll. 😢 I would love if I could press a hotkey (like cmd+opt+f or similar since cmd+f is taken by general Alfred search) and it would let me do a search for a string. Perhaps with a window like this. Thank you.
  4. Although on second thought changelog is useful. And I can automate the clicks.
  5. Instead of having to open Alfred Preferences & going to Update and then going to click update button. It would be great if there was update keyword users can type when Alfred has a pending update. This would save quite a bit of time. Thank you.
  6. Got this issue on my workflow. I am not on v10.15 but users of my workflows and I suppose others too will get this prompt on calling an external trigger or keyword. What should they do to get around it? I found this issue online when googling for error. Is there anything @Andrew and Alfred can do to remove this friction?
  7. You have a point although there are very few people who like me consume workflows via external triggers. Most people do it via keywords and hotkeys. So I don't think adding such a global setting would cause trouble as most wouldn't even notice its effects on daily Alfred operation.
  8. I really dislike how the Placeholder title appears when you call workflows via external trigger. Often it appears briefly only to disappear when actual results come in. This is quite annoying so what I do now is add a JSON Config object with this content: { "alfredworkflow" : { "arg" : "{query}", "config" : { "title" : "", "runningsubtext" : "", "subtext" : "" }, "variables" : { } } } To make sure the placeholder doesn't appear and I get a clean prompt on my workflows that I call with external trigger. I really wish there was a global setting in Alfred that would apply above filter on external triggers so I didn't have to add and readd it on all workflows I use (all updates to other people's workflows will remove my custom objects). I really do enjoy having clean prompts and the icon is enough indication for me to know what the workflow does like below for searching PDFs: I hope such option can be added to Alfred. 🧡
  9. Even nicer although not necessary would be if you could create both folders and files if multiple separator paths are provided. Like so: Where test is a directory and myfile.csv is the file.
  10. If you are in file explorer and are typing a name that has no matches. It would be great if you could press return or cmd+return to create a new file with default text editor. So if inside here: I do: And press return. Alfred would create that file at that path and open it in my editor (VSCode for me) so I can fill it with content. I know I can create a file action on a folder to create a file but the above scenario would be more useful to me in terms of UX. Hope this can be added.
  11. It would be nice if I could press right arrow here: To see file contents of the workflow like: Of course it would have to only work on workflows and not triggers/lists and other results that ? search provides. Would be super useful. It would also be really awesome if one could add modifiers to the search as I would like to with a modifier press also export the workflow to my Desktop for sharing. Like I do with this workflow. Perhaps what would be easier is exposing this search to users so users can build workflows on top of the results provided by ?. Like adding fuzzy search too and the like?
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