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  1. nikivi

    Crash when quicklook-previewing URL

    I’m joking about rewriting AwGo in Haskell of course. I can’t even rewrite Searchio to make it build. 😐
  2. nikivi

    Crash when quicklook-previewing URL

    I’d give Programming in Haskell book a try: http://www.cs.nott.ac.uk/~pszgmh/pih.html It’s written but a professor in very good language. It’s what 70%+ of UK unis use for learning Haskell I believe. I started reading it and am enjoying it. Going to to finish it and rewrite AwGo in Haskell so it’s puure.
  3. nikivi

    Crash when quicklook-previewing URL

    You can use Nix side by side with homebrew. So there is no issue there. I actually lied when I said I fully deleted homebrew. I still keep it around when there is a package on brew that is not on nixpkgs and I am too lazy to write a derivations (read the docs). Thank you for your comments, I found them to be incredibly useful. I didn't know Homebrew had a Discourse forum, I agree that it's a better choice than IRC in many ways. Although Nix also created a Dicourse forum recently. I hate open source projects who use tools like Slack, Discord for communication. So much info gets lost in these silos with no way to Google for it. 😞 > learning Haskell at this point would be a way better return on investment You've been meaning to learn Haskell for quite a while now I feel. Why not just dive in and build some stuff with it? I find that's the best way to learn things. Maybe make a Haskell workflow? 🙃
  4. nikivi

    Crash when quicklook-previewing URL

    The real reasons I stopped using brew over nix is because all the packages I need on brew were on nix and nix was much faster at installing and uninstalling things. But beyond that, I want to use one package manager for everything. I hate how there is npm, go, pip.. who do the same thing. Install packages. I want one interface to install all my packages and this is achievable with nix because nix is a smartly designed DSL that was written to solve the problem of package manager fundamentally. It started as a research project with a whole paper written on it to address why Nix exists and what problems it solves. Sure Nix is much more UX unfriendly than brew. But the only few commands users that have brew use are 'brew install', 'brew uninstall' and 'brew cleanup' (if they remember it exists). In nix it's 'nix-env -f '<nixpkgs>' -iA <pkg-name>' to install and I use 'nix-env -q | fzf | xargs -I{} nix-env -e {}' to fzf search through packages installed to uninstall them instantly. I use this tool to search for packages to install. And if it doesn't exist, investing time into learning some Nix pays off hugely because it's much easier to create package derivations in Nix than ruby (especially complex ones). Also I believe NixOS/nixpkgs is one of the top 5 most active repos on GitHub so your derivation can be merged and helped on near instantly. You can derive packages for your own use of course too. But there is a lot lot more to Nix than that. One of my ideas is to build a universal nix installer that leverages tools like go2nix and npm2nix to install everything with nix. I was inspired how nearly all Haskell packages are distributed with Nix already. Although I was told it was a stupid and impossible to implement idea on IRC. Which by the way is another huge advantage to Nix. #brew on Freenode is effectively dead. #nixos however is one of the most active channels on Freenode. You can get help for what you need in seconds. And Deanishe knows how much I like to ask for help from other people. 😀 So yeah, Nix just tries to solve package management on a more fundamental level. And it's worth at least learning it just to open your eyes to what is possible.
  5. nikivi

    Crash when quicklook-previewing URL

    Would love to see you release it too. I've been exploring Nix and nix-darwin recently to fully declaratively specify what my OS uses. Would recommend you guys to check it out, it's really powerful. I don't have brew on my system for over 6 months now and love it.
  6. Thanks. For some reason, I didn't notice it.
  7. Update: It seems that rebuilding entire spotlight index solved it. I wish there was a lightweight solution to have Alfred ignore certain paths from its search scope without rebuilding entire index which takes a while and loses all the caching good parts.
  8. Actually never mind, Alfred default search also doesn't respect it. I am rebuilding macOS metadata index now which should take an hour it says. I guess I have to run that every time I make a change to Spotlight settings. I didn't want to call it because I didn't want to lose whatever caching Alfred had for indexing. I just wanted it to ignore one folder. It seems extreme to rebuild entire spotlight index just so that I have Alfred ignore one folder from my results.
  9. I am using this workflow to search folders only on my mac. However for some reason this filter searches folders it shouldn't search because I excluded them in Spotlight settings: Alfred all file search respects it: But the folder search filter doesn't and shows folders inside ~/Dropbox/Alfred. Am I doing something wrong? Also I was curious about this setting page: There is no ~/ in there. So no ~/Documents and no ~/Desktop and so on. Is it implicit that it's searching home directory too?
  10. nikivi

    Night Blue Theme

    Night Blue Alfred Theme I really started to like this background color so I made this theme I use now. I also made a vim theme with same background too.
  11. I often download workflows that are great but I don't currently need in my workflow so I disable them. I would really like to have a new filter added similar to `Only Show Enabled` filter in here: But named `Only Show Disabled` to only show disabled workflows I have in my library. It would be really useful to have to quickly see which workflows in my library I disabled and either delete them or enable ones I actually do need now in my workflow. Thank you.
  12. I would like to extend Clipboard search view with custom modifiers. Currently you can press cmd+c to copy the item to clipboard and press return to paste it. However pressing cmd+return would paste the item too so as all the other modifiers. It would be awesome if Alfred allowed you to customize what happens on each of the modifier presses. For example I would like to make it so that pressing cmd+return on an item would make a Google search for that item, currently I can't do that. Thank you.
  13. Hi @Andrew, I wanted to ask if you had any time to look at this issue?
  14. nikivi

    What themes are you using?

    As I made this post, I actually think I came up with a perfect theme for me. 😻
  15. nikivi


    Monokai Theme Inspired by Monokai theme for VS Code. I ported the look of it to Alfred and I love it. Hope you like it too. 🙂 Here is how it looks: Download.