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  1. I have a list filter that looks like this : However search ing for 'LA check' returns nothing : Here is a small screencast too to showcase the bug.
  2. Awesome. Thank you @vitor. I noted it down finally. Is there a better way though to go from one list filter to multiple or is this the only way?
  3. I want to use my script I wrote in this workflow. I am thinking however what the best way to do this is. Here is the workflow and how I plan to do it. I create a list filter of my triggers and pass an argument to the filter : Which filters according to the argument what list filter to run. I can't however for the life of me remember how to clean the query being passed. @vitor told me a trick once for that but I search all over the forum for it and can't find it. My two questions are how can I clean the query from the filter and whether there is a better way to do what I am trying to achieve? Thank you for any help.
  4. I like to make mind maps with MindNode and this app allows to export mind map's contents to markdown. Before I used @vitor's super awesome script to simply read the markdown file but it was a bit slow opening large files with links. Following @deanishe's advice, I made this tool that will essentially turn a markdown with links that you often get from MindNode into a CSV which is insanely fast to access with list filter. Here is the GitHub repo with download of the command. As bonus, here is a markdown file with > 100 links of subreddits which with this command outputs a really clean CSV that you can use with Alfred. I hope to improve it soon so it parses this 500 links file with books too. Hope you like it. 💚
  5. Not sure if it is related, but after running this file action. The script to get current URL from Safari : tell application "Safari" to return URL of front document Started failing. I did restart my laptop and it works again though.
  6. Alfred is amazing. 💙
  7. I understand. I was thinking, perhaps Github Trending also has an RSS feed. Would be awesome to add. Will break the cool name you have there though.
  8. This is really awesome. Thank you @vitor. I think for hacker news the workflow lacks up vote count so its best to use web version but for pinboard, this is really awesome. 💙
  9. I have decoupled learn anything and 'my mind' workflows. Now they are two separate workflows. My Mind workflow : which has a neat screencast I made to show the power of the workflow. Learn Anything : which also has a neat screencast. There are three improvements I will soon make to it. One is I will write a MD > CSV converter and have that be read by Alfred in List Filter like Learn Anything has. And two, learn anything will default results to our search engine instead of mindnode. And finally I am still not sure if @vitor's AutoUpdater works for me. I have updated it to use the correct values but have no idea how to test since it needs a week or something for it to trigger. I also still really prefer Dropbox over GitHub releases because I can't find a fast way to release the workflow. I hope you like it. 💙
  10. Thank you @vitor for these interesting points. To answer the question about me caring whether someone remembers me, you are right, it is a silly thing to do. There are two projects here really. First is the 'Learn anything' search engine which will soon be completely moderated and extended by the community similar to awesome lists. Although what gets included in the database will be quite strict to keep it from being visually overwhelming. And I think it has a lot of potential for success and will evolve with the changes similar to wikipedia or the like. It is just a database of links connected together with arrows focused on learning in a linear way. As for this workflow. This workflow is what I use currently for my own personal productivity. Reason I want to share it, is because I think other people can appreciate the speed with which they can potentially do things. Currently it's just a framework for the future that I plan to develop. The idea is to leverage another person's 'knowledge' or 'expertise' in a way that is easily accessible. For now it's mostly bookmarks, links, and things I personally use to move and learn things faster. But once again, this is just a framework for the future that I am experimenting with. The idea is to have a very 'transparent' setup that all can use, if they care enough.
  11. I have been thinking about this idea for some time now and recently decided to go through with it. I now do quite a lot of things through Alfred and Mind Maps and wanted to create a workflow that all can use that leverages all the interesting things I have mapped for myself to use. I wrote an article on this idea and about this workflow if you want to read it. The workflow can be seen and downloaded from GitHub. Packal still doesn't want to work for me, no idea why.
  12. I have really minimised this workflow. Now there are only two list filters. One that allows you to jump to any of the 300+ mind maps from Learn Anything and one for going inside certain mind maps. Most notably books, courses, research papers and my personal bookmark list (which I will transfer soon). The speed of opening any mind map is instant too. We are also soon releasing our own mind map render for our search engine that will allow for much faster mind map render times and an always present search bar. I really think it will be incredible. Here is the download for the workflow. 🚀 Big big thank you to @vitor and @deanishe without whom this workflow would not have existed in its current form. 💙 I am also attempting to release my first workflow with actual code in it although I am not too successful in that regard.
  13. I decided to focus on the search engine. It is available for all after all. Not sure if I still need the workflow with this.
  14. Also there is some interest in this idea after all.
  15. I have looked into DevonThink. For me mind maps are a lot more elegant way of transcribing information. I can both find and open any mind from ~ 3000 of them in a second. I can also index search for all mind maps in the collection : Thus I have a full digital library of links and notes. The fact that I can share it is pretty amazing too as I actually love using the web version of these mind maps. And I actually use this workflow quite often thus I will improve on it more in time. And I disagree with you in that this idea cannot scale. I find that it scales extremely well because if mind map gets to be too large, I can break it down into smaller pieces, all well connected. Fun fact: originally it was all a big giant mind map. I only wish that more people did get to take a look at this and pointed out the inaccuracies in how the content is structured and connected. I am certain there are many as I sadly do not have expertise on all of the things. This project also elegantly solved a big problem of mine with bookmarks. I have a lot of bookmarks saved in safari. This is just one folder from it : I even had to find a way to quickly jump to the folder I needed so I developed a 'prefixing' method which I use for everything now : But finding and retrieving information from these folders is quite a pain even with fast alfred workflow. With these mind maps I can actually structure links in a way that 'makes sense' (at least for me). Plus I hope it would save time for other people in finding interesting information as most people bookmark very similar things. But already there is insane value that this project brings. Once I figure out how to recurse well through the entirety of the mind map with help of @deanishe's workflow. It would be pretty sweet.