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Basic Philips Hue control via Alfred

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Just created a couple of workflows to control my Philips Hue lights.


The IP address in the Alfred scripts needs changing to your bridge IP address.


Hue Add Alfred Support


This adds a user called alfredcontrol on your Hue bridge, this only needs to be run once and can be disabled in the workflow window once run, you'll need to press the button on the bridge too.






This turns the lights on or off, I have 3 lights ( the 1 to 3 in the script ), if you have more modify the script to suit.




See http://developers.meethue.com/index.html if you want to get a bit creative.

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Problem: After selecting All Lights Color Cycle, the lights will continue to cycle even when switching to other scenes.


Solution: add the following line to the Run Script in all the scenes except for "cycle)"


curl --request PUT --data "{\"effect\":\"none\"}" http://<YOUR IP ADDRESS>/api/alfredcontrol/groups/0/action


That CURL assumes that you want to remove the loop effect from all the lights in your setup, hence the groups/0 address.

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