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  1. Great, thanks for the tips. I'll consider switching over to your awesome-looking Python package and dropping alp
  2. alp works just fine in Alfred 2, and Alfred 3 with this patch applied: https://github.com/phyllisstein/alp/pull/23. It suppose it could easily be updated to fallback to the data in info.plist as well. By the way, when you say "discontinued" do you mean to say alp was at some point an official Python library for Alfred?
  3. Reasonable suggestion. However the library my workflow relies heavily on is this one: https://github.com/phyllisstein/alp which references Alfred's storage and cache paths. For now I think I'll have to see this is as just being a tradeoff. The best solution for right now is probably setting the environment variables manually if I need to test outside of Alfred. In the future why not have Alfred expose some sort of developer utility (i.e. a bash script) that bootstraps all the Alfred environment variables. Thanks.
  4. Andrew, does this mean I can no longer run my workflow code outside of Alfred's shell environment? Or is there some sort of utility available for that now?
  5. Is there a way inside a workflow's source code to determine whether the user has Alfred 2 or 3? My workflow stores information in the OS application cache/storage directories, e.g. ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred 2/Workflow Data/ I want to update my workflow to use the correct directory for the version of Alfred that's being used, but I don't currently see any way of doing that.
  6. @bongobong I think it's also worth noting you can create a hotkey for a specific preset if you're always setting to the same preset. More info here: https://github.com/benknight/hue-alfred-workflow#hotkeys
  7. @bongobong Actually this is possible with some light editing of the workflow source. Here's a rough guide: 1. Open Alfred Preference, go to "Workflows" and select this workflow. 2. Create a new script filter: + > Inputs > Script Filter 3. Double click the new script filter (it will be at the bottom probably) 4. Edit the filter accordingly: Set to "Argument optional" Set the Keyword to whatever you like, such as "hp" to use your example Set the Placeholder title to whatever you like, e.g. "Set Philips Hue Controller preset..." In the "script" box, enter python -m logic.filters "presets {query}" - 4. Profit Let me know if it works out for you!
  8. You can trigger any preset with "hue preset <preset name>"
  9. Use the "-hue" keyword to find the "Open Presets Storage – Use this to delete, rename, or backup presets" option. This opens the a directory in Finder. To delete the preset, just delete the folder pertaining to that preset.
  10. Use this one to highlight a URL found in some text somewhere and open it with your default browser. Download link: http://cl.ly/022J311A1e0q/download/Open%20URL%20with%20hotkey.alfredworkflow
  11. Use this one to highlight words, then hit the hotkey to automatically open a new browser tab with the Google search results for the selection as the search query. Download link: http://cl.ly/3V2v2i0m121D/download/Google%20Selected%20Text.alfredworkflow
  12. Interesting. That *should* actually work. Can you repeat the action maybe a few times and tell me if it's consistently failing?
  13. Hey carbon copy, I'm surprised you're having this issue. As far as I know all Hue devices would depend on this public endpoint working. I think what you did (manually editing the script) is probably the best approach here. I would hesitate to program a feature for this because I can't imagine this is a common problem.
  14. +1 for a fix. Would love to have this.
  15. Now I totally see why! It's because you have lights on the system that aren't hue bulbs (5x LivingWhites Adapter, 1x LivingColors Bloom, 1x LivingColors Iris), which I haven't tested this workflow with. I will fix this is an update. Sorry for the inconvenience. As a temporary fix, you can find out the ID number of each bulb and use the "-hue set-group" command so that you're only controlling the hue bulbs which I'm pretty sure will prevent this error.
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