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  1. @bongobong I think it's also worth noting you can create a hotkey for a specific preset if you're always setting to the same preset. More info here: https://github.com/benknight/hue-alfred-workflow#hotkeys
  2. @bongobong Actually this is possible with some light editing of the workflow source. Here's a rough guide: 1. Open Alfred Preference, go to "Workflows" and select this workflow. 2. Create a new script filter: + > Inputs > Script Filter 3. Double click the new script filter (it will be at the bottom probably) 4. Edit the filter accordingly: Set to "Argument optional" Set the Keyword to whatever you like, such as "hp" to use your example Set the Placeholder title to whatever you like, e.g. "Set Philips Hue Controller preset..." In the "sc
  3. You can trigger any preset with "hue preset <preset name>"
  4. Use the "-hue" keyword to find the "Open Presets Storage – Use this to delete, rename, or backup presets" option. This opens the a directory in Finder. To delete the preset, just delete the folder pertaining to that preset.
  5. Interesting. That *should* actually work. Can you repeat the action maybe a few times and tell me if it's consistently failing?
  6. Hey carbon copy, I'm surprised you're having this issue. As far as I know all Hue devices would depend on this public endpoint working. I think what you did (manually editing the script) is probably the best approach here. I would hesitate to program a feature for this because I can't imagine this is a common problem.
  7. Now I totally see why! It's because you have lights on the system that aren't hue bulbs (5x LivingWhites Adapter, 1x LivingColors Bloom, 1x LivingColors Iris), which I haven't tested this workflow with. I will fix this is an update. Sorry for the inconvenience. As a temporary fix, you can find out the ID number of each bulb and use the "-hue set-group" command so that you're only controlling the hue bulbs which I'm pretty sure will prevent this error.
  8. That's a pretty strange error and there are a few possible scenarios going on here that I can imagine. The error is telling me that a certain light attribute isn't present even though it's documented in the Philips Hue Lights API. I wonder if maybe your bridge's software is out of date. If you try using the iPhone or Android app does it prompt you to update? There also might be some edge case here which I haven't accounted for. Is there anything out of the ordinary going on with your Hue lights? If you turn all of them on do you still get that error? How many bulbs are there? Wha
  9. Oh no! If anyone's having issues can you make sure Alfred 2 is completely up to date and then try this: 1. Open up Alfred Preferences 2. Go to Workflows 3. Select the Philips Hue Controller workflow 4. Click the "Debugger" icon Looks like this (the first one on the left): 5. Type "hue" into Alfred 6. Copy and paste what was spit out into the Debugger console. That should tell me what's going wrong. Thanks! Ben
  10. UPDATE — I just edited the original post to release version 2.0 of this workflow to you all! Features include: 'Lights' is now the index result set. New 'All Lights' option for setting the state for all lights in one command. Lights icons are now the actual current light color! Save presets states for all lights. Set which lights the workflow controls using easy group management via `-hue set-group` Set reminders (blink lights after some time delta).
  11. Good idea! The "all" option in the lights menu is a no brainer. I'll add that soon. I'll also be pushing a fix that makes the filter script run much faster. Please let me know if you run into any issues! Ben
  12. Philips Hue Controller for Alfred Quickly and easily control Philips Hue lights with Alfred. Installation Download the workflow The first time you run the workflow it will ask you to press the button on top of the Hue bridge then action the item to authorize the workflow to control your Hue lights. The workflow automatically attempts to find the bridge on your local network. You can also manually specify the bridge's IP address. For example, if your bridge's IP is hue Read more about features at the
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