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[feature request] ability to specifically handle enter/arrows/tab (escape characters,etc) in Workflow


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As I've been learning about Workflows, I've run into a few cases where I'd love to be able to handle different key presses in different manners.


For example, let's say I have a Workflow for converting image types that is based on a script filter...

- I type something

- A list of images comes up

- hitting Enter on the selected image will run a standard conversion to JPEG

- OR I could hit tab to be presented with a different list of options for that item such as

  - convert to PNG

  - scale and convert to standard size

  - open image

  - etc.


Another option would be for Alfred to pass the string with these escape characters intact. For example, if I type "image[TAB]" the {query} would contain "image\t" and I could do my own detection of escape characters.

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I'm not sure that Andrew is going to add that feature this close to v2. However, as an alternative, I'm not sure if you are aware of this but, when connecting filters, keywords, etc to actions in the workflows area you can set modifier keys to the action. So, for instance, I could create a File Filter for searching for php files with the keyword 'php'. Then I create multiple actions, in your case: convert, scale, open, etc. Then, I connect the filter to each action. Then, double click on the connection. You can set a modifier key and descriptive text for each. So as a practical application, your list of images, you would highlight the one you wanted to work with in the list, then as you press the modifier keys, the description of the action to run would show up in the subtext for the item. There are 5 available modifier keys so you could create up to 5 actions for each file filter.


I know it doesn't COMPLETELY satisfy what you're requesting, but it's close.


I hope this helps

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