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Create Latex Formulae from Alfred (with LaTeXiT)

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I love the idea of this, but it doesn't appear to work for me.


I have updated the LaTeXiT workflow. It checks now for the LaTeXiT installation and whether access for assistive devices is enabled. This should cover the main sources for problems.


Can you check the new version? Does it work for you? Is LaTeXiT installed? Does it work on its own? What about "assistive devices"?

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Interesting, I want to use it but It would be very nice if after hitting the command. the image passes to clipboard or directly pasted to the most front app...  Do you think it is hard to do?

I have tried but latexit does not support Applescript natively. There are sme workaround but before I can copy the image I need to determine when the rendering is done and this does not work. It seems impossible. Sorry. 

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