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  1. Sure. I guess Yosemite stores paths differently.... if 'pdf' in source: if not 'http' in source: clean_file = urllib.unquote(source) _file = clean_file.replace('file://', '') if os.path.isfile(_file): subprocess.Popen( ['open', _file], shell=False, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
  2. I had problems with opening attachments on Yosemite. However, it could be easily fixed by replacing line 96 of "actions.py" by _file = clean_file.replace('file://', '') Maybe this helps someone...
  3. Thanks. I deleted my bibdesk cache and recreated it; now it's working. Your parsing seems to be more sensible than my approach (but it seems to be faster too...). the icons are really nice and some meanings are obvious but some are not so clear. Furthermore there are probably more types than icons ("electronic", "misc" and unpublished",...). I don't know about others but I use all of them. However it's probably easy to modify your workflow to do that. yes, see above. with bibdesk it's not too difficult as you might have seen. Alternatives are other external parsin
  4. Problem seems to be solved I had to convert from URL encoding. Now I use PHP for that set thePOSIXfile to do shell script "php -r \"echo rawurldecode('" & theURL & "');\"" Please test it: BibDesk_Search_beta.alfredworkflow
  5. Hi stephen, first, your workflow looks great and judging on its complexity it seems that it requires more time than I can afford for bibsearch. Hence I am very pragmatic and once your feature set is greater than bibsearch's, I will most probably stop maintaining bibsearch. In particular because my time does hardly allow it. Let me give some general remarks: it would be nice to display the bibtype because there might be preprints and papers with the same name, date and authors in your database users asked me to display the year before the authors list because it might be very long (e.
  6. That is good news! Now, we know that spaces in file names seem to be the bad guys (I would never have found this issue because I use the bibkeys as filenames). I will have look to it!
  7. Can you try the workflow with the latest pre-release alfred? Thanks!
  8. Thanks! I have created a new beta version (BibDesk_Search_beta.alfredworkflow) that now includes its own Bibdesk template. Can you please try it? I have also corrected the readme: You can use the following actions: - [return] to open in Bibdesk - [cmd]+[return] to reveal attached pdf in finder - [alt]+[return] to open attached pdf in your favorite viewer - [shift]+[return] to copy the citekey to clipboard - [ctrl]+[return] to copy a citation string
  9. As you may have guessed, the scripts are working fine on my computer. Thus we have to debug it together... I have uploaded a debug build here: BibDesk_Search_debug.alfredworkflow It should show dialogs with the path to the entry selected in Alfred. Let's have a look at the more difficult case, i.e., what happens if you press ^↩. For this we analyze the Applescript. Can you copy the following into the Applescript editor and adapt q to contain the path to your bdskfile? What happens if you run it? set q to "/Users/????/Library/Caches/Metadata/edu.ucsd.cs.mmccrack.bibdesk/????.bdskcache"
  10. There is a readme for each workflow, you can access it by double-clicking on the workflow icon within Alfred's preferences. Your question is hopefully answered there:
  11. Just to let you know, same problem occurred here after the update. However deleting the history helped.
  12. I have changed the latest workflow from beta to an official version 2.1: BibDesk_Search.alfredworkflow .
  13. I have played around with templated rich text in the applescript to preserve formatting but this seems not to work. However, I added your changes to "Beta 2": BibDesk_Search_beta2.alfredworkflow. Thanks! I will use this version a few more days and then update the main download link.
  14. I have tried but latexit does not support Applescript natively. There are sme workaround but before I can copy the image I need to determine when the rendering is done and this does not work. It seems impossible. Sorry.
  15. Great idea. I have set up a beta version. I hope that I have introduced no new bugs: https://bitbucket.org/schoeps/alfred/downloads/BibDesk_Search_beta.alfredworkflow If you press [CTRL]+[Enter] Alfred copies the publication string to the clipboard. I use the Bibdesk template "abbrvTemplate" for now but this can be changed easily. Please give feedback.
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