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Polyglot - yet another Google Translate workflow

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I've pushed a version of the workflow that should throw a more verbose error, I'm not really confident that it will help but it's always something.

You can install it by running the following commands:

$ npm rm -g alfred-polyglot
$ npm i -g nikersify/alfred-polyglot#verbose-errors

Looking forward for your report, thanks in advance!

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I've tried...



It took quite a bit, but it installed:



iMac:~ franciscofernandezcano$ npm i -g nikersify/alfred-polyglot#verbose-errors


> alfred-polyglot@1.2.1 postinstall /Users/franciscofernandezcano/.npm-global/lib/node_modules/alfred-polyglot

> alfy-init


+ alfred-polyglot@1.2.1

added 148 packages from 59 contributors in 108.356s

iMac:~ franciscofernandezcano$


Now, instead, I have a forbidden 403 error...


Your script doesn't like my computer :D

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Hey again @Xusqui,


Pushed yet another version with a potential fix for the 403 error as described here, mind trying that one out?

$ npm rm -g alfred-polyglot
$ npm i -g nikersify/alfred-polyglot#client-gtk

Hope the workflow likes your computer this time 😄

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It's very weird!!!


I Installed the new version... AND IT WORKED... for a couple of times... After that, I get again the same error...1083492725_Capturadepantalla2018-12-06alas6_43_27.thumb.jpg.0a2cf7f9443d3559e76403eb897fb6c7.jpg


I uninstalled and installed again but no way...


Thank you very very much!


--- EDITED ---


FYI I've tried tons of translators workflows (even one installed also via npm [can't remember the name, but something like ultimate-google-translator or something like that]), and none has ever worked out... This morning I tried this simple one and is the only one that has worked on my computer.

Edited by Xusqui
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Thank you very much indeed.


Anyway I'll have an eye on this and will give a new try whenever you release a new version!


congrats for your work!

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@Nikersify I have exactly the same symptoms as @Xusqui. After I've uninstalled the workflow and updated to this version


$ npm rm -g alfred-polyglot
$ npm i -g nikersify/alfred-polyglot#client-gtk


it worked for a single translation. The next was the same as the ones before – I'm back with errors  105:17 and 68:7. 

Just so you know @Xusqui is not the only one. 

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