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Hi, I am not a developer and I am completely lost with the workflows. The other day I was trying to uninstall an app with AppZapper and thought it would be cool if I could do this with Alfred. It actually work if I look for an App, select it, and open with AppZapper, but it requires a couple of steps, which could easily be avoided with the workflows (I suppose that was the idea). 


So I tried to create my workflow, but impossible to get it started (I think someone who has even basic understanding of the new workflows should be able to create it in less than 2 minutes though). 


So what I want is something like this:


The action would be triggered when I type 'Uninstall', then I type and select the app I'd like to uninstall and press enter to open it AppZapper (for people using another uninstaller, then they could also customise the workflow to use another one, I suppose).


Thank you for any help you can provide. All best, Julien

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Top workflow, sir.


You can also do this with the stock install of Alfred, without workflows – albeit with a couple more steps.


Step 1:


Find the app in Alfred as if you were going to launch it:



Step 2:


Press the right arrow key – this will show you what Alfred can do with the file. Select 'Open with...'




Step 3:


Type the name of your uninstaller of choice (in my case, Clean My Mac) and press return:



Step 4:


Cook up plans of how best to use those liberated bits and bytes from your hard drive!

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thanks for this, trying to work Clean My Mac2 into a workflow, but this is a good workaround for now.


And here is a workflow for CleanMyMac 2:




Use the keyword uninstall then type the application name.

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