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Email ID, search, sort

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Hello, I’m a newbie 

Can I identify, search and sort via this app? Is there an option for Mac OS X, as well as, Windows?  I’m really interested in using this Alfred’s full potential. Is there a difference in PowerPack as posed to Alfred 3?

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Hello @Vesuvius,


If you can do it from the command-line, it’s likely you can do it from Alfred. Your question is really vague, though. Identify, search, and sort what? Do you have a list of emails in a CSV format that you want to sort via different methods? Then yes, you can do it. Is it something else? Then we’ll need specific details, as we can’t guess what you really want to achieve.


Similarly, if we don’t know the specifics of what you want to do on macOS, there’s no way for us to tell if it can be done in Windows. But either way that’s out of scope for Alfred, as it’s a macOS-only app.


Finally, what do you mean by “a difference in PowerPack as posed to Alfred 3”? Are you asking if the PowerPack makes a difference versus not having it? Yes, it makes a huge difference. Workflows alone would already make it worth it, and that’s the feature that’ll be able to solve your issue, since it allows you to build your own tools to extend Alfred.

Welcome to the forums, and remember that being specific beats being terse. We need as much detail as possible to be able to answer your questions.

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