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hotkey action not working as described

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i have a hotkey




and i set the action to be 'Show alfred'. The help message under that says that if 'Show Alfred' is selected, nothing will be passed out from the output.


When i hook my hotkey to a script filter, im getting the text, for example:


if i copy a line from the `man bash` and then press Cmd+shift+V, im getting this




Am i getting it wrong ?

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1 hour ago, glacier-daisy-etching said:

nothing will be passed out from the output


Nothing is being passed out to the rest of your workflow. That isn't the same as sending a query to Alfred itself, which is what you're doing.


Essentially, what the text means is "the rest of your workflow won't be run."

If you want an empty query box, change Argument to None.

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