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Python3 with /bin/bash

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How can I use Python3 code in my workflows?


At the moment I am just trying as a test to print a string and send it to a post notification.


This works fine (in Python2) if I select "/usr/bin/python" and use sys.stdout.write(s). I can also use the unix command echo to print a string and send it to a notification but my Python3 shell script does nothing in Alfred, even though I can execute it perfectly fine via the terminal.


My Python3 shell script is very simple.



Please help!





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That first line is a shebang and indicates what interpreter to use when running a script. But what you’re doing is telling it to be executed inside /bin/bash, so you already picked the interpreter. As fas as bash cares, that line is just a comment (starts with #) to be ignored.

You’ll have to save that code inside a script file and make it executable (chmod +x file). Then you’ll either call it inside /bin/bash with ./script_path, or change the Language to External Script and set the path there.

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