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I have created a small workflow to see the status of DWD weather warnings. Type "dwdww" and then a part of a city or region name and you will be presented a list of all matching weather warnings or warning forecasts. As this plugin is basically interesting for German native speakers, the description is held in German. Let me know if you need a translation.

Find the plugin including a small description here: https://github.com/marcschumacher/alfred-dwd-warnings. Download the plugin here.


The workflow uses the data of "Deutscher Wetterdienst" at https://www.dwd.de/DE/wetter/warnungen/warnWetter_node.html.

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1 hour ago, jackeroo_marc said:

basically interesting for German native speakers


Ich soll also die Finger davon lassen, oder was? ;) 

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