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Chaining Script Filters

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I'm relatively new to writing workflows, and this is my first attempt at a complex one. I'm trying to get the user to select from one list, then another, via 2 script filters. My use case is letting the user select a git branch, then a second git branch, then running a bash command to open a diff tool that diffs the 2 branches. 


I've got both script filters running and populating results. The problem I'm having is being able to reset between the first script filter and the second. When the first one runs, because it's connected to the second one, it pre-populates the second one with the selection from the first one. I then have to clear that pre-populated input on the second filter and select the 2nd branch. After that, everything runs as expected.


My setup is basically this:

  1. Script filter 1, selection populates a variable
  2. Script filter 2, selection populates another variable
  3. Run Script action runs, and uses the 2 variables to perform a command.


I'm sure I'm just modeling this wrong in my head. Is there a better way to do this or am I doing things wrong?

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