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Is this possible using Alfred

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Sorry if I could find this out myself but I spent 10 minutes and then wondered if I was trying to do something that was possible or not.  I would like to do the following and wondered if Alfred can automate it for me.  I am an Alfred PowerPack user.


1.  I am on a website.  I double-click a single word (actually a string of numbers).

2.  I then want to define a keystroke that does the following:

3.  Copy the string of numbers.

4.  Switch apps to Word

5.  Activate a keystroke (actually a defined keystroke I use for "Insert Footnote":  Ctrl F)

6.  Press Enter.  (for the dialogue box that opens)

7.  Paste a constant string "ABCDE " followed by the numbers I copied earlier.


Can someone tell me if that is possible using Alfred or not?


Thanks very much in advance,





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Yeah, I'm pretty sure Alfred can do that natively with a PowerPack. If not natively, it can certainly achieve it via AppleScript.


Bear in mind that firing simulated keystrokes at applications is a generally terrible way to automate stuff and should be avoided if possible.

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