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Add Custom Website Search Results


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It would be great if we could specify a tag / CSS path to display results within Alfred itself.  IE.


"so node open file"




would return (below, similar to spotlight) the results from the stack overflow query... at least the first 5 or 6 or something.


So a search result would be: ".js-search-result h3 a"

And the link would be: ".js-search-result h3 a" (it would take the href)


Clearly that wouldn't work on all sights, but it would be easy enough to return actual results to Alfred and would allow faster access to the exact result the user wants




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Hi, @CodeCowboy, welcome to the forum.


For my part, I don't really understand exactly what you're requesting.


What query are you entering into Alfred? Where does the Stack Overflow URL come from? Where does the CSS selector come from? Where would the results come from?


Are you suggesting Alfred retrieve webpages, parse them using CSS selectors and show the results?


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