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Launching a website and auto filling 1Password login info

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My apologies if someone has already published this workflow, or there's an obvious answer, but searching the forums is painful and after half an hour, I haven't found what I'm looking for. 


I want to build several different workflows using 1Password and a non-default browser. For example:


keyword AMZ launches FireFox, loading amazon and filling in the login information. 


In this case, FireFox is NOT the default web browser, and I've set it to permanently launch in incognito mode. 


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've tried launching bookmarks from 1Password 7, but it doesn't seem to work. I must be doing something wrong.



Thanks for any help that anyone can provide. 

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Hi @SanityFox, welcome to the forum.


As a rule, the way 1Password integration works is that you call 1Password with the UUID of the bookmark you want to open and 1Password takes care of the opening, filling and logging in. And AFAIK, it always uses the system default browser, with no way to tell it to use any other app. So it can't be done cleanly.


I see two hacky options: 


Search 1Password's 3rd-party integration JSON, open the selected item's URL in the specific browser, make sure the browser is activated, wait for a bit while the page loads (you'll have to guess here), and then simulate the keyboard shortcut for the browser's 1Password extension.


Alternatively, you could try switching your default browser with duti, asking 1Password to open the bookmark, then switching the default browser back again (after waiting long enough for 1Password to open the bookmark).

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I don't actually use it anymore in the same manner, because I found that every so often my password manager 1Password's autocomplete will mess up in Brave, the browser I use for Amazon and FB access, so I use a single script to launch those two websites in Brave, in Incognito mode, and I just use a keyword to launch, and then the following AppleScript.  (See photo).

If you want to access a password manager as well, then you just need to add a time delay after the AppleScript, to give the page time to load, then an AppleScript that will tab you to the correct windows, activate your hotkey for auto fill for your password manager, and hit return.  I found using Alfred's time delay and a second AppleScript more reliable than building in time delays directly into the AppleScript.


I'm not familiar with AppleScript, I just learned enough to get something to work for me, so if someone else can make better suggestions, I'm all ears.


Screen Shot 2022-02-16 at 7.43.11 AM.png

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