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Alternate Alfred Toggle

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I use Alfred with remote desktop into a windows box, where I use Karabiner to swap cmd/ctrl keys to make life less frustrating when switching between the two. Unfortunately since I use cmd+space to toggle Alfred normally, when I'm remoted-in, cmd+space is treated as ctrl+space and thus does not toggle Alfred. I have a similar problem with toggling clipboard history. I thought I would try and fix this with Workflows. 


I have created a blank workflow and added a hotkey that is ctrl+space, and for the action it I chose "Show Alfred". The good news is: this works. The bad news is: pressing ctrl+space again does NOT close Alfred. I'm just trying to mimic the default behavior of the Alfred Hotkey in the general tab. I'd like a way to reliably toggle Alfred. 


I also couldn't figure out how to create an alternate shortcut to toggle the clipboard history viewer. My default hotkey also involves the command key, so I'm running into the same issue. Any suggestions? 

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Presumably you only re-map CMD and CTRL when your Remote Desktop app is active.


Which is to say, as soon as you open Alfred, Alfred becomes the active app and your remapping is no longer valid. So you’d have to use CMD+SPACE to close Alfred again.

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No worries.


Oh sweet, that worked! I had to change my Alfred Hotkey from ⌘SPACE to something else (otherwise the key combo would prevent me from entering it) but once I saved the keycombo I reset my Alfred Hotkey back to ⌘SPACE and now ctrl+space simulates ⌘SPACE! Thank you!


I still need a way to trigger the clipboard history viewer though, as my original hotkey involves the ⌘ key. I tried using the same method of simulating the hotkey but it's just triggering alfred instead (although it shouldn't...). I will try and work that out, but in the meantime do you know of an alternate way to trigger the clipboard history viewer without the hotkey that I could use in a workflow?

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