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Alfred and Audio Hijack..

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Struggling with getting a proper workflow together with Alfred..


I would like to asign a hotkey to toggle the recording function in Audio Hijack via Alfred. Safari is running in the foreground, Audio Hijack in the background. The hotkey toggles the recording on and off.

Something similar to this:  (system wide?) [hotkey] > [bin/bash script] > start/stop recording. 

Any hints on how to implement this? 



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Welcome @rndm__,


Does Audio Hijack:

  1. Suport AppleScript?
  2. Have a menu bar option to stop/start recording?
  3. Have a keyboard shortcut to start/stop recording?

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@vitor thanks for the reply! 


1)Yes, Audio Hijack supports Apple Script. 

2) Yes, Menu bar options to start/ stop recording exists (it's labelled "Start Session" in Audio Hijack)

3) Yes, the keyboard shortcut is command + r



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On 4/7/2019 at 1:52 PM, rndm__ said:

Yes, Audio Hijack supports Apple Script.


Then this should be easy to do. Unfortunately, I don’t have the app so I can’t test. If you contact Rogue Amoeba or find the correct AppleScript from somewhere, building the Workflow will be simple.

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