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Unable to update or delete workflows

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I've had this issue for a while and with Alfred 4, I'm trying to get to the bottom of it. For some reason I'm unable to remove installed workflows through the Alfred app. I can remove them manually, through Finder or Terminal, but when i try it through Alfred, I doesn't actually remove the app. In Alfred 4, i now get an error like the image attached. I'm suspecting this is due to a permissions issue but I've followed all the access/permissions steps recommended to the letter. I've done multiple clean installs and those don't seem to help either. I'm using macOS 10.14. 


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@idledae If you haven't set up syncing, use these two commands in Terminal.app to reset permissions on Alfred's main app support folder:

xattr -rc ~/Library/Application\ Support/Alfred
chmod -R u+rwX,go+rX ~/Library/Application\ Support/Alfred

If you have setup syncing, also run this with the path to the Alfred.alfredpreferences file.


Let me know how you get on, as you may also need to change ownership of those files back to yourself if the owner is incorrect.




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@Andrew Thanks for the quick response. I just set up syncing, hoping the changing the location of the Alfred.alfredpreferences file would help, but I'm getting the same results. I even killed and restarted the app. It hasn't seemed to help.

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Quit Alfred 4, then copy the Alfred.alfredpreferences file back to the folder in above (in your home folder: ~/Library/Application\ Support/Alfred), then in the same folder delete the prefs.json file to reset Alfred's sync folder.


Then re-run the 2 commands I gave again to reset the permissions throughout the folder including the Alfred.alfredpreferences. Watch for any errors which happen.


Start Alfred 4 and let me know.

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@Andrew Creating a new user account seems to have done the trick. There must be something strange in the way my current user is set up. I have no issue in creating a new users and 'migrating' to that. Thanks for all the help!

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