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  1. @Salvodelli could you please update to the 4.5.1 pre-release and let me know
  2. This is actually a 4.5 regression in some rounding I'm doing with the calculator code. I'm going to revert the code for a 4.5.1 pre-release build soon. As dean explains, the computer actually calculates the result you're seeing, and Alfred has to round off the result to remove the floating point error.
  3. A separate hotkey to re-perform the previously used action on a subsequent selection is a really good idea, I'll add a note For now, have you tried the action ordering? This will sort actions based on the argument type, so it will put the prettify action always at the top for json files:
  4. @fatestigma the option to restore the clipboard content is in Alfred's Advanced preferences. Set the Selection Hotkeys option to "Restore Previous Clipboard Content". Cheers, Andrew
  5. @luckman212 could you try typing 'reload' into Alfred to clear his caches? Cheers, Andrew
  6. Just for additional info, this is the output I get when testing on 10.14.6 with the in keyword, and filenames matching what you've suggested:
  7. @ggggg I know that Big Sur is having issues indexing RTF files, but you're using 10.14: https://discussions.apple.com/thread/252144688 Could you please try the same test with plain text (.txt) files. Again, Alfred isn't in control of these file results, so if we can identify the underlying issue on your Mac, it should give us a solution. Also, next time, could you post the full output of Alfred's troubleshooting, as this can also give additional context which can help identify issues. Cheers, Andrew
  8. @Benben Alfred has to use the clipboard to paste text, however, there is an option to restore the previous clipboard content in the Advanced prefs:
  9. Alfred uses the macOS metadata index for internal file search, so I'd be interested in knowing what Spotlight's behaviour is for you. Does Spotlight find the files by content in these scenarios?
  10. Numpad features have been added in Alfred 4.5, both recognising and dispatching numpad keys, and new popup menu options on the key combo editor for adding numpad keys on a Mac which doesn't have a numpad. Let me know if you have any issues
  11. @danielgomez22 Alfred stores the clipboard history locally in your home folder in this location: ~/Library/Application Support/Alfred/Databases/clipboard.alfdb If you quit Alfred and copy this from your old Mac to new Mac (or copy this from your backup), then Alfred should see your previous clipboard history again Cheers, Andrew
  12. @GuiB if you update to b1252, the Keywords and Script Filter actions will only now correctly be added if there is a single argument. I have also made the types (files, urls, text) ticked by default for new Universal Action trigger objects, as this is the more likely case of "show for everything", and makes it less likely to forget to tick any of them and wonder why the action isn't showing at all.
  13. @GuiB Ah you're quite right that there is a mistake in the default adding of workflow Keywords and Script Filters. These should only be seen in Universal Actions when there are single arguments. I'll fix this
  14. This is exactly why you need to work out if your workflow is compatible and configure appropriately. If you connect the output of a Universal Action trigger (or any trigger with multiple items) into a Run Script or Script Filter, you'll get each item as a separate argv argument. If your Script Filter isn't compatible with that, it's best to set your Universal Action trigger to a single item only. I'm seeing both URLs open with Safari. What browser are you using?
  15. I've just put b1250 pre-release up which refactors a few things to streamline the framework. I'd appreciate if people could report back that Universal Actions is still working as before, as we are getting close to general release on this. The update makes a few improvements to type recognition, and type "forcing", so that would be a good place to test. @GuiB one small improvement has been added which relates to something we were discussing, where Alfred will now prefix with https in the case of forcing the type to URL and no scheme existing. So now you should be able to say... "alfredapp.com" as type "url" and it will work. Let me know how you get on
  16. Just a quick note to say I'm watching this discussion, and am happy to take the experience and advice demonstrated here if it leads to a change / improvement in Alfred
  17. @deanishe external triggers don't get migrated from the current version of a workflow, as they are treated as intrinsic to the workflow being installed / updated. This means that if a new version of a workflow being installed deliberately changes the external IDs to suit its internal purpose, then they will work as expected.
  18. The context is different here as Alfred's default results can very loosely match a URL without affecting the other results. If a URL match happened in Actions, then it may filter out actions when it shouldn't. What I may look into is loosely matching URLs if the requested type is of "URL" by automatically prefixing https.
  19. I agree, and this is something we are looking at improving
  20. I have never seen this before, how very odd. I also believe that this is entirely outside of Alfred's control, as Alfred uses a super simple Apple API call to perform a reveal in finder. Let me know if you see this again, and perhaps we can look into it more deeply - it may be something you have installed on your Mac which is interfering with this.
  21. Have you considered using inbound configuration on the items you want to group, then using call external trigger to call items in workflows directly from your workflow? https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/inbound-configuration/ This will allow for directly calling items without needing to simulate hotkeys. There is actually a built-in example of this using the older External Trigger object (before you could configure the external id directly onto any object) in Alfred's Workflow prefs Getting Started menu from the + button under the workflows list.
  22. I wrote a kb article which is relevant to what you describe, where indexing is technically working, but the results fall outside of what is treated as relevant: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/kb/understanding-result-ordering/ By running the touch in command line as you are, it will be updating the content changed date which will make the underlying macOS index highly prioritise this file for Alfred's search query (point 3 on that kb page). What I would suggest in this case is to create a file filter workflow object which narrows down the search scope to within the folder you'd like to find, limit to pdfs and set the search limit up to 200 files. This way, any other files which the underlying macOS index is prioritising will get filtered out at source, and you'll be able to find the files you need.
  23. There is now b1248 which fixes some of these issues thanks again!
  24. Ah this is a bug - it replaces {query} to ... for workflow keywords and script filters, but not for custom web searches. I'll fix this.
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