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  1. @fuksito Even more simple, just a Hotkey Trigger workflow object set to "Show Alfred"
  2. @Jenkins macOS should automatically request permissions for the Automation tab where necessary. If this isn't happening, there could be an underlying issue preventing this from happening. When was the last time macOS asked for permission such as this? Was it recent? You could try resetting the Automation access tab. https://developer.apple.com/library/archive/qa/qa1906/_index.html In terminal, you can use the following command to only reset Automation instead of all: tccutil reset Automation Cheers, Andrew
  3. @stylophile Alfred 4 hasn't changed in this regard compared to Alfred 3 and before... if another app is already using a specified combination, macOS will divert this combo to that app and Alfred (and Alfred's Preferences) won't even know this combo has been pressed (i.e. for you to set a hotkey in one of Alfred's hotkey fields). It actually acts as an inherent safety net to prevent a key combo from being registered twice, and causing undesirable behaviour. Having said that, not many apps will be registering system level hotkeys, so you may have an (accessibility based) app which is interfering with the combos before they are even distributed by macOS. Check the macOS Accessibility preferences to see which apps have access here. Also, perhaps try a new user account with Alfred to see if you are able to register more combos there? Cheers, Andrew
  4. Basic question - have you tried setting an obscure combo which isn't used by any other apps, just to make sure?
  5. @Koinseb if you update to Alfred's 4.0.2 pre-release, there is already a fix for this. Cheers, Andrew
  6. @scaba have you tried just adding the symlink file type to Alfred's default results in Features > Default Results > Advanced?
  7. @georgexsh try dragging the alias file to Alfred's Features > Default Results > Advanced to add the alias file as a default type Alfred searches for.
  8. @Acidham "Browse in Terminal" will cd to the path you pass (or if you have the default terminal set, which I recommend if using Terminal.app, then it'll open the Terminal app to the specified path which is much faster). If you just want to run a terminal command, use "Run Terminal Command"
  9. @xilopaint It's not quite that simple, many of the workflow objects have had updates adding additional features which make them no longer compatible with Alfred 3. Alfred 4 can happily load Alfred 3 workflows, so if there is an absolute need for a workflow to work in Alfred 3 and Alfred 4, you'll need to create it in Alfred 3. Cheers, Andrew
  10. @Acidham Alfred shouldn't be adding cd to the front of the query. Could you please clarify a little, as I don't understand this: What script do you have shown when you select Custom? By default, Alfred has this one: on alfred_script(q) tell application "Terminal" activate do script q end tell end alfred_script Cheers, Andrew
  11. If you update to Alfred's latest 4.0.2 pre-release b1086, could you let me know if those icons are still missing? Thanks, Andrew
  12. @Savior If you update to the latest 4.0.2 pre-release b1086, I've now made the hat in the Alfred window a draggable zone too, so you can easily move Alfred's window around from this
  13. @nikivi if you update to Alfred's latest 4.0.2 pre-release b1086, you should get the behaviour you're after. Could you let me know?
  14. @Michael Cordell The error message mentions Chrome - Have you tried downloading it with Safari? I've just double checked the download and it's fine.
  15. I haven't installed Catalina yet (I also generally recommend against anybody installing a beta OS this early if it's their main Mac), but I have made a few tweaks for the next 4.0.2 build which should get these icons back again. I'll likely out this build tomorrow. Cheers, Andrew
  16. @dfay oops no, I didn't implement the json config interface for the updated part of LargeType for v4. I'll get that fixed up for the next build.
  17. @gerrymcil Alfred 4 has a wildcarded blacklist for eject (Features > System > Blacklist), and one of the new additions is com.apple.TimeMachine* which will prevent this. Cheers, Andrew
  18. To make it clear about how we deal with feature suggestions in general to anyone who is reading this. This forum is a place for friendly interaction and not arguments. It constitutes a single channel of input which helps us paint a much bigger picture of the shape of Alfred's future. We read every single post on here (and all other channels) even if we don't respond to them. When we do respond, the opinion is carefully considered and definitive. In this case, my response to the thread is summarised as: Firefox provides no official way to integrate with their bookmarks, requiring fudges and hacks of sorts, something which I don't do in Alfred's framework. The weighting of users wanting this feature is significantly lower than other features which have been added. It's easy for people to spew statistics, but only Vero and I get to see the ACTUAL statistics of both usage and demand within Alfred. My full response to this thread is here: https://www.alfredforum.com/topic/11724-firefox-bookmark-search/?do=findComment&comment=63324 The closest I can find to being able to read Firefox bookmarks is to activate their legacy bookmarks.html support, with no guarantee that this feature will remain in Firefox in the future, or to manually export a backup json. The info about this is here: http://kb.mozillazine.org/Bookmarks This is why the feature, for now at least, is better suited to a workflow. Generally if there is high demand for a feature, a workflow is created very quickly by the community, and this is something which hasn't really happened in this case. @Gareth I understand your frustration, but I'd really appreciate if you could dial down your levels of hostility a little. It'd make me much more willing to work with this feature request (perhaps with a 1st party created workflow for now), regardless of the low levels of interest. Could you also link me any of the feature requests you've made with Mozilla regarding official 3rd party integration of bookmarks so I can potentially chime in on them. Thanks, Andrew
  19. @nikivi For now, I wanted to revert to the v3 behaviour just to get you up and running, can I confirm that this is the case? The change to make Alfred correctly act on "no results" as if there is a result requires a bit more thought as I don't want to "fudge" things in the framework.
  20. @mikedvzo no probs, glad it's sorted! At this point, we only offer the "legendary" tipped upgrade at the point of converting a pre v4 mega to a post v4 mega... but at some point, we'll look into v4 mega to v4 legendary too Cheers, Andrew
  21. @Carbon Could you answer these: 1. Can Spotlight find the files and applications? 2. Is /Applications/ in your search scope?
  22. @mikedvzo @zerowidth could you please update to the 4.0.2 pre-release and let me know if macOS now requests the relevant Reminders / Calendar access for Alfred when required?
  23. 4.0.2 is now in pre-release, so you should be able to reliably use {var:tag} directly in Alfred's Fields prefs instead of needing to configure it in JSON.
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