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  1. In your example, you could do: 1.45-.78=*300 As for adding auto parenthesis, it's very difficult to second guess what people would actually want when it comes to opening bracket positioning. In the example given, what's to say that 4+9*8) should be auto completed to (4+9*8).
  2. @dmayo2 Alfred has never done this, however, you can press = during a calculation to equate it to the answer before continuing.
  3. @raguay.customct before killing Alfred, could you please sample the process in Activity Monitor. This hang will be Alfred waiting on something from macOS which is expected instantly, and the sample process may give an indication as to what this is.
  4. I've seen your email on this, and this is the first time this has cropped up. What's interesting here is that Alfred isn't doing anything particularly special / low level for rendering these. For example, the Preferences tab, l am simply overriding the drawRect of an NSView and doing some simple NSBezierPath rendering. Alfred isn't defining or limiting the colour profile in any way. Are you seeing performance issues with other apps? Have you installed any 3rd party drivers or extensions to get your Dell display to "render properly" which could be interfering? Have you tried on a fresh user profile to see if there is any underlying issue on your main profile? Have you reported this issue to Apple, as fundamentally, this is going to be a system wide OS issue? Cheers, Andrew
  5. @luckman212 Thanks for spotting this - I'll get it fixed in the next release
  6. A few things of note here: Alfred runs as a user level process, and doesn't install any lower level OS based extensions, so isn't even capable of creating a kernel panic. This is unless one of the macOS APIs Alfred is using is bugged or corrupted, more likely the latter as this is the first mention of this I've heard. There is no underlying rendering differences between 4.0.5 and 4.0.6, so I'm certain that the behaviour difference is purely coincidental. A few users have seen graphics bugs in Catalina in both the Alfred window and the macOS dropdown and popup menus (where Alfred isn't installed) based around the window blur. If you select the Alfred Classic theme (or create a custom theme and set the window blur to 0), then this will rule out the blur causing a GPU issue. Have you tried running on a new user account to rule out another underlying app (which you may not even know is installed) interfering with your Mac's operation. Kernel panics are unusual, but Catalina is new and notoriously buggy still. If you upgraded via an old OS, or via the macOS Beta path, there may be an underlying OS corruption or misconfiguration. Are there other quirks you are experiencing on your Mac? Cheers, Andrew
  7. @Matt V Could you also set the theme to Alfred Classic. I'm wondering if Alfred is shown on screen, but invisible as per the graphics glitch also reported here.
  8. @luckman212 thanks for reporting this to Apple. I've been playing with it a little more this morning and have gathered a bit more info on the underlying behaviour. Essentially, when a custom view is assigned to a menu item, Catalina is not passing mouse up events for the bottom ~9 pixels of the menu item, even though mouse moved events are still being passed (hence the colour items showing the hovered colour correctly). When I get a moment, I'll create a simple test case app and report a bug to Apple too. I've just done the 4.0.6 release, and have "worked around" this issue by doing two things. Added a separator above the colours (where necessary) so that the "Edit Note..." item is no longer affected by the bug Made the colours slightly larger, and added a 9 pixel inset below the colours which are also ignored in the mouse move, so Alfred treats the Catalina bugged "dead zone" as irrelevant. Let me know how you get on with this workaround. Cheers, Andrew
  9. @JamieKeene I agree with Dean here, Alfred can't EVER know if that drive will exist at startup, which is why you get the warning message showing. I'm going to move this into feature suggestions and change the title, as if it becomes a common problem, it might become something worth investigating.
  10. @luckman212 this looks like a Catalina bug as you also have to click the top half of the normal menu items too, such as the "Edit Note..." item above the colours. I'm not sure there is much I can do to work around this behaviour 😕
  11. @haohailong this will be because of Alfred's caching, my suggestion still holds.
  12. @hzlzh Focusing on trying to fix things in Alfred is the wrong approach, the underlying OS / macOS indexing isn't working. If you are installing Onyx, and enabling root on your Mac, you are past the point where any further suggestions from me will be relevant. Have you been using the macOS Catalina Betas? Or did you upgrade to Catalina? If so, something may have become corrupt during this process, and you may simply benefit from a fresh Catalina install (i.e. format and reinstall, not just install over the top).
  13. @haohailong That's the Catalina equivalent of adding / to your search scope, which we don't recommend. As previously suggested, It would be better to find the *REAL* location of the Setapp apps and add that folder instead. Cheers, Andrew
  14. @hzlzh The metadata tool for Firefox shows that this isn't being indexed by macOS. Until this is the case, Alfred and Spotlight won't be able to find it. It looks like you've followed the recommended steps we suggested. [Moving to Discussion and Help, as the bugs forum is for Alfred bugs]
  15. Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app from Setapp? Or even just manually deleting the app from the Setapp folder and copying back in manually to see if it's found? Correct, and I haven't heard others with the problem too. This isn't a bug in Alfred, it's a macOS indexing issue which is outside of Alfred's control. Catalina is still pretty new and quirky, so it's difficult to identify what's actually happening here.
  16. @haohailong At this point, I'm not sure what could be going on and wether Setapp is doing something special when it comes to Spotlight (i.e. I can see an option within Setapp where it can also show non-installed apps, which means it may be doing some Core Spotlight things too). Is the /Applications/Setapp/ folder in Spotlight's privacy area? Are there any hidden files within the Setapp folder causing a noindex? (use ls -la in Terminal and look for . prefix files) Could you try temporarily moving the application to somewhere else, for example, your Desktop?
  17. In macOS Catalina, Applications may not ACTUALLY exist in /Applications/, so adding this or a subfolder of this to Alfred's search scope may not give you the results you expect. For example, these are two underlying mappings in macOS: The /Applications/ folder you see in Finder is actually /System/Volumes/Data/Applications/, but with some system applications listed in this folder actually residing in /System/Applications/. Likewise, /Applications/Utilities/ is actually /System/Applications/Utilities/. If you open Terminal and do an mdfind for one of the apps, it should show the original location. For example, paste this in Terminal.app: mdfind "kMDItemContentType == 'com.apple.application-bundle' && kMDItemDisplayName == 'Typeface*'" Having said all this, this does sound unusual behaviour. Could you try temporarily creating a new user account, and seeing if Alfred (and Spotlight) find the Typeface app when logged into that account? @deanishe fwiw, reload is relatively passive. It reloads certain system stuff, and flushes the caches, but doesn't actively go searching for apps until the user starts searching in Alfred. Cheers, Andrew
  18. I've now improved the dropdown sheet for rebuilding the metadata to be more clear on the processes needed, and updated the .Spotlight-V100 path for Catalina instances too.
  19. @Matt V I suspect a Catalina bug here. Either way, what settings do you have in Alfred's Appearance > Options for "Save Position when Dragging" and "Show Alfred on"?
  20. @Jay S you could try temporarily creating a new user profile on your Mac, switching to that user and seeing if there is delay there. It may be something conflicting on your main profile. One other thing to try is reindexing your macOS metadata (shortcut for this in Alfred's Advanced prefs).
  21. @Aadako I just tried replying to your email and your mailbox bounced it saying you're over quota. The additional details you provided by email (with 'f' returning non folder results) suggests you have another keyword configured for 'f', so changing the keyword to something more distinct should have sorted the issue. If you're still experiencing these issues, have you tried reindexing your Mac yet?
  22. Download Alfred 4 from our website instead of using Alfred 1.2 from the App Store, this should sort your issues
  23. @Jay S have you tried changing your hotkey for a bit to see if it's a hotkey conflict causing the issue? (Could be something other than Siri)
  24. @lisztdesign I've just checked and it's working fine. Perhaps our CDN is being blocked by your provider, could you try a different connection? Alternatively, we recommend Alfred 4 for Catalina. You can download this directly from our website Cheers, Andrew
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