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  1. @yoyodi I've just checked our mail logs, and your incoming mail server returned a 550 Mail content denied error and blocked it. Véro will reply to your email as soon as possible with your code. (we have a large number of emails to handle at the moment, so please be patient). Cheers, Andrew
  2. Alfred's built in search works as designed (less noise), so the behaviour you are seeing is correct. You have control over file search behaviour if you use a file filter in a workflow. For example, to arbitrarily search keywords, you would use something similar to this: You can add in other fields if you want to search by e.g. display name also. Here is more info on using file filters: https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/inputs/file-filter/ Cheers, Andrew
  3. This is usually down to Alfred's preferences not being available when Alfred starts. Have you set Alfred's preferences to be in a different location to standard, for example an external volume or a mapped drive? Cheers, Andrew
  4. Alfred fully relies on standard Apple APIs to obtain the key code / key mappings which are used when simulating key combinations. I've added a ticket to look into this more deeply, but I can't promise any timescales as this is the first time it's come up and it has to be treated as a corner case. Cheers, Andrew
  5. I am well aware how useful a generalised "Keep Alfred Open for a bit" would be, and do have some internal notes on this already. Any change like this would be a holistic change within the framework, so would be quite involving. Either way, it's on my radar.
  6. Please do not exclusively lock Alfred's databases, as this will have a severe impact on Alfred's ability to operate normally. Cheers, Andrew
  7. @politicus does 4.0.4 fix the issue for you?
  8. @deanishe if you update to 4.0.4 pre-release, this limit has now been raised
  9. @craig this should now be fixed in the 4.0.4 b1098 pre-release
  10. @deanishe Hmm, looking into this, I had set an arbitrary limit many years ago. This may have been to work around an old macOS (performance?) bug, but I don't seem to have logged why I set this limit. I'm going to increase it to 4096 for now, and add a ticket to do some proper investigation into this. Cheers, Andrew
  11. @deanishe If I paste in a URL created from the "Copy URL for sharing" sheet of a custom url, Alfred offers to install it. Can you find a situation or configuration where this isn't happening? I'll take a look at fixing it as this should work.
  12. Alfred should discover the correct combos / key codes per keyboard layout used. I've just tested with a few obscure built-in Apple layouts with Alfred's internal logging running and Alfred adapts accordingly. There is a chance that being a custom layout, Bépo may have an underlying mapping issue. We also can't discount that Apple's custom keyboard layout handling could be iffy. Cheers, Andrew
  13. @dfay could it have been the bleep bloop you get when there is a notification or message on the forum?
  14. @AutumnAdrift Alfred now matches the standard macOS (Finder) behaviour: Holding the option key will perform a copy action. Dragging to an external volume will perform a copy by default Cheers, Andrew
  15. There is so much more to consider than this just being "simple to implement" though, especially with a significant data set such as the clipboard history. There is a very sensitive balance between getting useful matches vs noisy irrelevance. As @deanishe said, some decent concrete examples may help shape future matching.
  16. @174353576 This is a bug in Catalina, I've posted a response here: Users have noticed that if you open an app, it can then be successfully indexed!
  17. I've reported this to Apple through their feedback assistant, and I'd appreciate if others can do the same as then it's more likely to be fixed. https://feedbackassistant.apple.com/ My Apple bug number is FB6850941 which includes an easy reproducible case using mdutil and mdfind (to help confirm that the issue is outside of Alfred), so it may be worth referencing that bug number in your report. I'll also be working on a "back up plan" for Alfred to manually index the Applications folder in Catalina if they don't get this issue fixed. Appreciated! Andrew
  18. Thanks for that! For now, at least we know a workaround. Looking at the 10.14.6 changes on this page: https://support.apple.com/en-gb/HT209149 I suspect that Apple broke something with one of the following "fixes": Resolves a graphics issue that may occur when waking from sleep. Fixes an issue that may cause fullscreen video to appear black on Mac mini. It might be worth reporting this to VLC to see if there is anything they can do to sidestep this issue, as they are doing much lower level graphics interactions than Alfred. Cheers, Andrew
  19. @waitingforgo thanks for the response - Would you mind duplicating the built in Alfred Dark theme, and just setting blur to 0 for the new theme (from the little blur icon in the top left of the theme editor). This will narrow it down to blur vs transparency. Cheers, Andrew
  20. @luizmarelo Preferences in your Documents folder is a non-standard location you must have configured during Alfred 3. The preferences file is a package so the commands should recursively change permissions. The xattr command should have removed the @ from the file. What output do you get when you just xattr this file? Also, the preferences should be named with a capital A, i.e. Alfred.alfredpreferences. I'm wondering if something has caused this to have lower case a. Try renaming it to have a capital prefixed A. Cheers, Andrew
  21. Try installing this theme which is a copy of the Alfred Dark theme, but with no transparency and blur disabled: https://www.alfredapp.com/extras/theme/I8nmpqQCWx/ Cheers, Andrew
  22. @personalnadir Applications can exist in many places on your Mac, including /Applications. Removing a path from Alfred's search scope will prevent anything being found in that folder, including Applications. The subtext under the scope says: These folders define where Alfred looks for files, applications and metadata. Fewer paths give more accurate results. Drop folders above from Finder or Alfred. If you want Applications in /Applications to be found, this path will need to be in your search scope. Having said that, you can use Spotlight's privacy preferences to remove folders from within /Applications from the index if there are things you don't want showing up. Cheers, Andrew [moving to Discussion and Help]
  23. @not_a_function This hasn't changed, 3 months is the maximum for holistic Mac performance reasons. Having said that, as long as you have the Features > Clipboard History > Advanced > Move items to top... option selected, older items get "renewed" as long as you're using them Cheers, Andrew
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