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Joey P.

Post to WebHook from alfred input

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Hello, I am trying to a workflow to send some data to a Zapier webhook which will then do some things with it. Here is the details I am trying to gather and the URL that I would like to compile and post to webhook. 


Invoice Number



Example Data

- Invoice Number: 399

- Hours: 1.5




How can I do this? 

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Welcome @Joey P.,


Seems like that code is working, which suggests it may be using the real values to interact with your hook, which means you should probably redact that information. For that same reason, I’ve posted the example Workflow to a temporary file host (will be gone in two weeks).

The only thing you need to do is call your URL with curl in a Run Script Action. To separate the arguments, ask for them with a Keyword Input connected to a Split Argument to Variables Utility. Like so.

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@vitor Thanks so much for that explanation. I was not able to access the file because its been well over 2 weeks. It seems I never received a notification that someone responded to my message. 


Is it possible you can resend? Thanks!!

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18 hours ago, Joey P. said:

Is it possible you can resend? Thanks!!


There you go. Please do download it this time; I had to remake it from scratch by following my instructions in the other post.

And don’t forget to redact the private information in the top post, if this works for you.

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