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Help with copying file from Downloads to PWD

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I was developing a simple workflow to copy/move the latest file or folder in Downloads to the current working directory.

I have almost completed the workflow but the Alfred debugger is giving me this error consistently:


": No such file or directory"


Even though the same command works in terminal.


Here is the workflow I have done so far: https://github.com/bhishanpdl/Shared/blob/master/Alfred_questions/aa Copy Last Download to PWD.alfredworkflow?raw=true


How to fix the problem.


What I am trying to do is given below:


# example
# echo "hello" > ~/Downloads/a.txt
# cat ~/Downloads/a.txt
# mkdir -p ~/try\ space   # create a directory with space in it
# cd ~/try\ space
# open .   # this opens the Finder where we want to test our workflow
# command to test:
# /bin/mv ~/Downloads/a.txt ~/try\ space/   # this works in terminal
# but does not work in Alfred.


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18 hours ago, Bhishan said:

Even though the same command works in terminal.


It doesn't because it's not the same command. Check your input more carefully (this is what the Debug utility is for).


echo "$DOWNLOADS/$RECENT" adds a trailing newline, which is what's causing the problem. It should be echo -n "$DOWNLOADS/$RECENT"

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Thanks @deanishe , I had just found the mistake this morning 4 hours after you posted the solution, but without looking the solution.

I was trying to find out why it was not working and did this    echo "$1" "$pwd" > a.sh  and looked inside a.sh,

it showed an unwanted new line was there and I fixed that by changing  echo by echo -n .


Then I checked my Alfred thread, there was the same suggestion already. Thanks anyways.

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