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Launch Zoom Meeting Using Personal Meeting ID

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I created a simple workflow that opens your personal Zoom.us meeting using your Personal Meeting ID.

Quickly Launch a Zoom Meeting using your Personal Meeting ID


To Get Started

1. Get your Personal Meeting ID ({personalMeetingID})
2. Paste PMI into personalMeetingID value column ---->
3. Trigger Alfred type `zm` and press `Return`


Expected Behavior
* Alfred will launch Zoom.app
* Alfred will spawn a new tab in Chrome
* Alfred navigates to your Zoom Meeting URL
* Zoom does it's thing
* The Zoom Meeting URL is copied to your clipboard


I Chose chrome, but it should work with the browser of your choice
I haven't tested this without Chrome being open.


https://www.dropbox.com/s/jasi3gt243s6o4y/Open Your Zoom Meeting.alfredworkflow?dl=0

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