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Unix timestamp: Fetch timestamp for any date

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Download: http://cl.ly/0l210T3y2L1y


This workflow has three major functions, which are really only useful for developers.

  1. Fetch current unix timestamp.
  2. Convert a unix timestamp into the DATETIME format.
  3. Fetch a unix timestamp for a future date.


  1. "ts" : 1363987228
  2. "ts 1363987228" : 2013-03-22 05:20:28 
  3. "ts next thursday" : 1364443200
  4. "ts 3/5/2013" : 1362502800
  5. "ts 1 year ago" : 1332451288

The results are displayed as a notification and copied into the clipboard.  You may optionally edit the workflow and enable pasting into the foremost application.


Note that this workflow uses a PHP script, and so uses the date.timezone value in your Mac's php.ini file.  If you get inaccurate timestamps, check that value (usually found at /etc/php.ini.default).



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