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I am able to use the workflows to open a URL. However, I want to be able to open a URL in the same tab that is currently being viewed/loaded. how do I achieve this?





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25 minutes ago, aputty said:

hoping that the solution would work for all browsers


No way, José. You can tell any application to open something in a universal way, as that's simply how macOS talks to applications.

As soon as you want to dictate how an application should open something, you're talking about application-specific APIs. I mean, there can't be a universal way to say "open this in the active tab" when many applications don't even have tabs.

To answer your question, this script will open the given URL in the active Chrome tab. Put it in a Run Script action with Language = /usr/bin/osascript (AS) and with input as argv.


on run argv

    tell application "Google Chrome" to set URL of active tab of front window to (first item of argv)

end run


Be aware, this is an extraordinarily rudimentary script. If there's no Chrome window to open the URL in, it will fail. I'll leave fixing that case up to you :) 

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