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Dismiss Alfred: ^[ as ESC


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^[ (read: Control+[) is the control character for Escape. As someone who uses the terminal most of the time I'm on my computer, I have ^[ ingrained into my muscle memory (it helps to have Caps Lock bound to Control), and almost never hit the Escape key anymore. When I'm in the middle of a task, and need to summon Alfred only to dismiss it again, the inability to use ^[ to dismiss Alfred is a big speed bump for me, especially when I'm juggling things inside my head while I work. I think support for ^[ as Escape should be added.

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For those wanting to make this workflow, make sure to add Alfred to the "Related Apps" page, as described in the [Hotkey Trigger](https://www.alfredapp.com/help/workflows/triggers/hotkey/) page under "Contextual Hotkeys (Related Apps)", to ensure this input is only consumed by Alfred when Alfred is in focus. Otherwise, you won't be able to input `^[` in other apps, as Alfred will consume the character in the background.

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