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Error ding upon entering digits and using shift

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This is something I've never experienced on any version of Alfred (since Alfred since March, 2011).


If I open Alfred and type 2 and then hold SHIFT to type * to multiply I get an error ding, the sort you get when you make an error in Terminal, etc. The message below says "Please enter a valid expression" in the Calculator preview below, as if I've told Alfred, "OK, I'm finished; give me the answer to 2 *". If I complete the expression by typing another 2 (so, 2 * 2), I get another two dings, even though Alfred recognizes that there is now a valid expression in the input field and gives me the answer in the Calculator preview below.


System Info


  • Catalina (10.15.1)
  • Alfred 4.0.6

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@orokusaki Are you using any third party tools that might be using Shift + 8 for something else, resulting in the error beep you're hearing? It's normal for Alfred to say "Please enter a valid expression" when 2* is entered, as Alfred is just waiting for you to finish your calculation to give you a result. 


If you're unable to work out what's causing the beep, try the following:

- Quit all third-party apps and tools, try again

- Try creating a temporary user account on your Mac (no need to activate your Powerpack license on that profile, as the calculator is a core/free version feature) and see if you get the same beep



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@Vero thanks for your help - FWIW, I haven't been able to reproduce the issue today 😕 it's a bit concerning that something else was even accessing my key strokes. I was using Terminal when this started; if anything, it's just some Catalina bug...


Thanks again


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