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Lingo - a word game for Alfred

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Years ago, I wrote a little word game puzzle called Lingo, and this is my attempt to bring that over to Alfred. It's based on a TV show I used to watch even more years ago  :)


Lingo is a word game that gives you 5 chances to guess a 5-letter word, given a hint of two letters to start with. Every guess you make, you will be shown two further hints

  • If the position of a letter in your guess matches exactly the position of the same letter in the word to find out
  • If a letter that you have in your guess word goes to another position in the word to find out

Here is an example:



  • Initally the hint was _ _ V _ S
  • First attempt, we tried hello. E is there in the word, and so is O but they are not in the right position, so they are marked with brackets
  • Second attempt, we tried trial - none of the letters are there in the hidden word, so no luck
  • Third try, we had elves, of which VES matched the right position in the hidden word
  • ... and so on (hope you get the idea)

Download the game workflow and give it a go.



difficulty to set level of difficulty you want in terms of word selection

lingo to start a new game

try to play a current game in progress



This uses a word list file internally (which I got from a corpus site on the Internet - don't remember where now), and while I have tried to sanitize this a bit and remove any offensive words, please bear in mind that there can still be stuff in there and please let me know in case anything pops up! 

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A small update - found a simple way to prevent Alfred from flickering when you are attempting guesses (Alfred would hide and then reappear suddenly). This little enhancement makes gameplay a little bit more better.


Also, reordered the way guesses are displayed in Alfred's results to make it easier to read.


Download the latest version and check it out.

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