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Parse and show queries as you type?

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So say I want to set up a variety of keywords that will open different things but I need subcommands and want them to show up as I type. The basic format would be main command dot query: maincommand.{query}. I'd prefer to have no space there. So, for example: `team.calendar`. This I know how to do: I create a input trigger with the input `team.` and then a Filter with {query} is equal to for the subcommands. Great. No problem.


Here's the two things I want to achieve and I'm not sure how to do so. They are basically a slightly different version of the same thing, I think.

  1. Completion as I type
  2. Text matching


Let's use the  example that I have the following subcommands: `code` `codewarrior` `errorcodes` `coderepo` (Yes, this is an arbitrary example where things could be better named, but let's assume that I have these subcommands with the `code` word is common)


1. As I type `team.co` I would like Alfred to show all the subcommands in the options (maybe even showing `errorcodes` as part of those options, rather than just things that begin with `co`)

2. As I type `team.co`, the `code` subcommand comes up first if I don't complete my entry and when I hit enter, that's selected. If I type `team.codew` it'll show and, if I hit enter select, codewarrior


Is this possible? Thanks. :)

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40 minutes ago, Ohaimarks said:

Is this possible?


Sure. You can use a List Filter or a Script Filter. The former uses a hard-coded list of options, and is ideal for a "dumb" list. A Script Filter executes your own custom script, so you can show whatever you want, and filter your commands however you want.

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