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Alfred Workflows not Working with Google Accounts, or in general.

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I'm a new user of Alfred and have no prior experience in programming, scripting, or anything of the sort. I downloaded a workflow from Packal that would allow me to search google drive. However, when they ask for me to log in, I keep getting a pop-up saying the app is not verified by Google yet, rendering it useless. This has happened for many workflows I downloaded and ended up deleting. My mac currently runs on the latest OS. I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but this is incredibly disappointing. 


Is there anything I can do for this?


Thank you 

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Hi @Rayyan Munir, welcome to the forum.


If you're having a problem with a workflow, please try to post in the thread belonging to the workflow you're talking about. Creating new threads about existing workflow pollutes the forum and makes it much less likely that you'll get any help because there's no guarantee that the workflow's author or users will ever see your post. If you post in the workflow's thread, the author and other users will all be notified.


You also haven't actually identified the workflow you're talking about (which you really need to do if you want a useful answer). Assuming it's the most popular Google Drive workflow, your question has already been answered—at length—in the workflow's own thread:


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