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Is this possible with Alfred?

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I have not used Alfred before, but there was a hint on another site of being able to use Alfred to send information to Zapier. I'm trying to automate date entry to another app through Zapier, without having to switch focus to that app.


Here's the flow:

  1. Press some sort of keyboard shortcut.
  2. Alfred puts up a dialog box.
  3. I type data into the dialog and click Ok or Submit or whatever.
  4. Alfred send that data to Zapier, which then enters it into the other app.


Is this possible with Alfred?

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11 hours ago, BruceInLouisville said:

Is this possible with Alfred?


Yes, it is.


If you want a more concrete answer, you'll need to provide more concrete details. It might also be possible (and much simpler) to send the data directly to the app, but you didn't say which app you're talking about.

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