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Searching for files by path & filename

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Hi everyone! Often, I'm searching for a file based on not only the filename but also a portion of the path. Simplistically, let's say I have two folders, ~/work and ~/personal, both with a "tasks.txt" file. In this case, I want to be able to search for "work tasks" or "personal tasks" to have the correct file returned. Is there a way to do this (either with inbuilt functionality or a workflow)?


Thanks for any suggestions!

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Not exactly what you are after, but the workflow "Dynamic File Search" in the examples will search for files within specific folders.

In your case, you would type "work" first, then "tasks" to retrieve the 'tasks' file in the 'work' folder. 

More info here: https://www.alfredapp.com/blog/tips-and-tricks/how-to-get-the-results-you-want-in-alfred-every-time/

I hope this helps




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