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Alfred ignores non-HTTP URLs in Chrome Bookmarks file


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When Alfred indexes the Bookmarks file, it appears to ignore this URL format, which I use to link directly to OneNote pages.  This doesn't show up at all in my Alfred index:


            "name": "Quick Notes (OneNote Section)",
            "type": "url",
            "url": "onenote:section-id={6FD096E6-2A85-B24F-9102-B1ADAAAAAAAA}&end"


However, if I just change the URL to a simple HTTPS URL then Alfred immediately finds it:


            "url": "https://mozilla.org"


Can this be fixed so that all URLs, including local ones or app-specific links, are found by Alfred? 


Alfred is able to handle local URLs in individual .url files, but pulling these up is slower in search than the Chrome bookmarks so I would like to use the latter.


Thanks for the amazing app!

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