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Set workflow for 8 PM every Tuesday and Thursday

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Hi there, 


hope to stumble across somebody that might help my poor scripting skills...


I am looking to create a workflow that: 


1. Opens up Chrome at 8PM every Tuesday & Thursday. 

2. Then opens a specific URL.

3. Then scrolls down.

4. Then moves the mouse to a specific position and left clicks.


I need help with the time trigger and the scripting of the scrolling, mouse moving and clicking. 

I have the X,Y positions of the mouse, but that's about as far as I got. Does it make a difference whether to use AppleScript or JS? 


Would really appreciate the help!




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9 hours ago, Rob Ismaylov said:

Opens up Chrome at 8PM every Tuesday & Thursday.


You can’t schedule tasks with Alfred. Alfred is designed to only respond to user actions. You should look into launchd and Launch Agents.


9 hours ago, Rob Ismaylov said:

I am looking to create a workflow that


Instead of describing your proposed solution, could you tell us what you're actually trying to achieve?


This sounds a lot like an XY problem. You’ll probably get a more helpful answer if you tell us what your goal is. There are half a dozen better ways to interact with a webserver than the way you're trying to do it.

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