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Pandoc-Suite for Academic Writing in Markdown

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What is does
This Alfred workflow enables academic citing and publishing with any markdown app like iA Writer, Ulysses, or Scrivener. It does so by offering a Zotero Citation Picker for Pandoc Markdown Citations and by automatically converting Markdown files into `.docx`, `.pdf`, or `.html `with the proper bibliography. 


This workflow is made for academics like me who neither like Word nor LaTeX. As the name suggests, this workflow is basically a user-friendly interface for Pandoc, allowing you to make use of Pandoc's vast capabilities without ever needing to open the Terminal.


Demo Image


➡️ Latest Release on GitHub


Usage & Installation Guide
➡️ Complete Information on Usage, Installation, & Initial Setup

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I just wanted to say how unbelievably happy this tool existing has made me.  I am an undergrad neuroscience student and recently lost so much data from my personal Microsoft account getting locked after a data breach and was completely sick of working in word on top of that, but I needed to in order to get the functionality of Zotero.  Also some of my profs require word files for submission so I felt trapped, when I preferred writing and drafting in ia Writer but would eventually have to move things back over for submission.  I cannot explain how perfectly this workflow solved all my problems at once. I would still have found this invaluable if it just took care of keeping track of in-text citations, that way I would only deal with word for formatting but this goes above and beyond. 


Thank you so much for making this, it truly bridged a gap between where I wanted to write and where I needed to write in order to have certain functions!

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