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Workflow for the Keep It app from Reinvented software?

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Hope this is not the incorrect forum, if so feel free to move not to the correct one.

I am looking for a workflow for the app Keep It. Have left Evernote and am thinking of using Keep It as a replacement. 

Is there anyone that has such a workflow, know of one or can help me find a way to create one myself?

Am terrible at coding, but hopefully there are some decent tutorials?

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@TomasA  Welcome to the forum :) 


Drive-by linking - this is the app in question:



There's a paragraph on that page stating that it provides AppleScript support, so if anyone else is using Keep It, they should be able to help :)


In the meantime, if you list out the most likely actions you'd be looking for in the workflow, it'll give a headstart to any workflow creator.



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