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Issue with run / external script - no output

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Hi folks,


I am writing a workflow to defang URLs. I use the following binary:




I added this binary to the workflow folder, +x it and created Run / External Script (tried both approaches). I get no output when running the binary using the workflow. Binary works fine in the terminal though. I am not posting screenshot of broken workflow as requested.


The workflow can be downloaded from here: https://we.tl/t-De7Zu5H3S5


I have tried different approaches: external script, run script, with argv and query. Hope to find some help in this forum :)


Thank you!

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Hi @irish_sonas, welcome to the forum.


Thanks for the excellent description. It makes it really easy to try to help you.


58 minutes ago, irish_sonas said:

I have tried different approaches: external script, run script, with argv and query.


It's due to defang's weird input handling that behaves differently when it's not run in an interactive shell. I'd report a bug.


In the meantime, this bash script works in Alfred echo "$1" | ./defang_1.0.9


You also don’t need the Copy to Clipboard because defang always puts the new URL on the clipboard, which is also a bit of a weird thing to do.

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Wow, thanks @deanishe for such a quick response and the working solution.


It is indeed strange that defang automatically interacts with clipboard. The input method handling is also of concern... perhaps I would need to research another library / binary to use.

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