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How do I use "File Utility"?

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I want to start a workflow with a hotkey, then check if the specified filename exists, and create the file if it doesn't exist, and append the content if it does.

After reading the help, I feel the "File Utility" is what I want - but I don't know how to pass the filename to it?

I hope I can get an example or an answer, thanks!

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1 minute ago, elviscai said:

but want to decide what to write to the file based on whether the file exists or not.


Which you can accomplish with multiple Write File Output. It has a builtin conditional to Skip, Overwrite, or Append depending on if the file exists. What you’re trying to do is an extra step.

Either way, for the File Utility you give it the file’s path from the preceding node. If you’re using a Hotkey, set Argument to Text and paste the full file path there.

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