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Control Apple TV via Alfred Shortcuts

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I'm trying to control my Apple TV with my MacOS via a Keyboard Shortcut.  There are 2 ways I think this may be accomplished:


1) URL shortcut to a function in HomeKit, but not having to use HomeControl.  I know it was enabled a year ago, but I can't figure out how to craft the url to call the function.  All I care about is to play/pause my Apple TV.  Anyone figure that out yet???  I really don't want to have to rely on another app for a single URL call.


2) Remote Bluetooth Keyboard - but this feature isn't present in Alfred.  Will it be soon?


Any thoughts??

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1 hour ago, tylast said:

but not having to use HomeControl

That doesn't work: it's HomeControl Menu that provides the URL scheme (as far as I can tell). Without it, there are no URLs to call.


1 hour ago, tylast said:

but this feature isn't present in Alfred

What do you mean?

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