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As I keep hitting the same key combinations to create and name clips I know that Alfred can do what I want. But, I have hit a point that I don't know how to get past.


I'm in Final Cut and I select 1 or more clips and I need to turn that into a compound clip, replace the word "clip" with what I need the name to be, then continue on with the rest of the keystrokes to have it create a new project from the new clip.


So far I have replicated the keystrokes to move the cursor, select the word, put in the parenthesis then move the cursor in between them... this is where I am wanting to be able to input the text i need, hit return and let Alfred continue with the rest of the operation.


How do I get it to allow me to input the text and go on?


I am thinking the replace utility might do the trick and clean up some of the dispatch key combos that I am using.


Any help greatly appreciated.

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And I've hit another snag.


The screenshot shows you where I am now. 


First I am thinking replace is not the way to go because everything I can find talks about getting text from the clipboard or selection but I really need to be able to input my own string, hit enter and let it continue.


Second, and this is the new snag... once I have created the clip, the key combos of cmd+1 and ctrl+alt+shift+N sets focus to the library browser then selects the next clip (which will be the new one just created). Here is the problem, if I were to use cmd+N, it will create a new blank project. What I have to do to make the project from the selected compound clip would be to right click the clip > new project (which makes the new project using the selected clip), cmd+v (to paste the name copied from making the clip)

Screen Shot 2021-12-08 at 3.13.37 PM.png

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