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Alfred Remote Icon - Finder Location?

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One of my uses for Alfred remote is memorizing keyboard shortcuts. I would like to be able to change the color of the stock icon Alfred gives to a hotkey button. I don't expect Alfred to be able to do this, but it would be neat if that was added. What I want is to get the location of the icon itself & change the color in a photo editing program. This would better optimize my workflow & help me learn the keyboard shortcut more rapidly. (Sometimes there are shortcuts with the same name that do something different) Is there a location in Finder with the generated icon? I use the title of the button to know what it does and the stock icon that shows the shortcut to see the keyboard shortcut. Is there some way I can copy + paste the icon? I'm looking for a simpler solution than taking a screenshot and removing the background, that is a possibility for this but I want to see if there's a better way first.



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