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When Alfred launches any app, could it then an unchanging keystroke to Moom for positioning?

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I'd like all apps newly launched (or just activated) by Alfred to appear in the same part of the screen. 


So, it would have to be universal, not tied to any one app. Here's my vision of this:


  1. Cmd space to call the Alfred entry panel
  2. Enter the name of any app
  3. Choose it from Alfred's search results
  4. Let the app launch
  5. Send an unchanging keystroke that Moom intercepts and puts the activated app in the same place, every time.


Any ideas how I might approach this? 



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Start with List Apps for a Workflow which already lists your apps via a Script Filter. Delete the Open File and add a Delay Utility plus a Dispatch Key Combo Output.


You’ll always have to type some keyword or use a different Hotkey to invoke it. You can’t have it work on Alfred’s default shortcut, because arbitrary shortcuts don’t run there—that could make slow Workflows affect normal operation.

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