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How to replace Alfred’s default results with a Workflow

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Alfred’s default results have a deliberate and predictable scope which ensures they are fast to retrieve. In contrast, Workflows deal with arbitrary data either off or online, can show large amounts of entries, and their speed depends on many factors outside Alfred’s control. Thus, by design, Workflows need to be intentionally invoked and cannot interfere with the default results.

Still, you may have a particular Workflow so central to your routine that you’re willing to forego the default results in its favour. If you understand the tradeoff and wish to proceed, you can achieve it via Invoke Alfred with Workflow. All you need to set it up is explained in the notes: choose a Hotkey and insert the desired Workflow’s keyword in the Show Alfred Utility.



You’re done. Use your new Hotkey and Alfred will open with the query you want. By default the text is selected, allowing you the quick option to start typing to overwrite and search something else.

In most cases, the three objects at the bottom may be ignored or deleted. They exist in case the Workflow you want to call relies on External Triggers instead of keywords.

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