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Searching Google Verbatim with an Alfred Workflow

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Hi all,


I've created a workflow to search Google by using the Verbatim Search feature. This is the URL I'm using: https://www.google.de/webhp?hl=de&tbs=li:1

While this works in so far that it does start Google in "verbatim mode", the workflow just shows me a web page with an empty search box, ignoring any search terms I input as parameters.


What am I missing here? Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks!



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Thank you very much for helping me out, Giavanni. Unfortunately, this will open a Google search for {query}. Google (or Alfred) seem to take the query string literally ...

I have the feeling I'm only a small step away from the solution, but I could still use some hand-holding on the way  ;) 

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hi @lostintime, Web Search is one of the Features (see screenshot below). More information here

Or, I created the search for you and you can install it by entering this link below in Alfred (keyword: zoek):




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Thank you so much, Giovanni. That's awesome! The only small thing is that the last search option in the original query should be: tbs=li:1


How do I add the missing :1 to your search string?



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I replied to your other message earlier but they both disappeared...


here you go:



for your reference, if you go to Web Search, you can access and edit your Search URL in plain text. 

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