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Show Last Copied Item In Menu Bar?


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Although I do have Alfred's clipboard history enabled, I really only use it for its merging feature (and in a couple of workflows). I use Maccy as my main manager because it has a feature that I didn't think I would ever use when it was first added, but now I can't live without. It can (optionally) display the first 20 characters of the last copied item right in the menu bar. That way, at a glance, I always know what's on my clipboard. This comes in very handy a surprising number of times per day. I use it a lot when writing, or to store numbers, results from calculations, even the occasional TOTP code. Anyway, I find it really handy and now it's hard to give up.


I was wondering if that sounds useful to anyone else? And if so, then perhaps it could be considered as feature suggestion for a future version? I currently hide the menu bar icon, but I would certainly unhide it if this feature became available.


Thanks for considering.



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