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  1. @macrospectTry this one I just threw together which uses no code. At the moment it's replacing - with space from a selection and pastes over the selection, but you can change it in the replace block and whatever characters you feel like. https://github.com/pearcenuk/Alfred-public/raw/main/replace dashes with spaces.alfredworkflow
  2. Thanks for the message. Have to admit I'm having a lot of issues making any of that work as well. Full disclosure: I don't used Obsidian any more so haven't bothered looking into it or using this workflow. Hopefully someone more closely connected with Obsidian can take it on or point to a more complete workflow. Sorry.
  3. @usman Glad it is 'sort of' working for you. Think we'll need to see the workflow to understand what could be happening here with those 0 files.
  4. Not the same use case but I got around a similar thing by using some AppleScript. Pass in the path&file Hope it helps in your use case
  5. Well that's embarrassing. Found an error in Notesy Oneupdater which means you won't get the new version. Just updated to V1.5 which is a bit cleaner and requires one less shortcut. https://github.com/pearcenuk/Alfred-public/blob/main/Notesy/Notesy.alfredworkflow Also the Append shortcut has been updated so opening the daily note via command odn doesn't put in a - as default each time. Next update is likely after the new Shortcuts actions for Notes come out as I don't have a spare machine to play with betas right now, but the plan is you'll be able to choose the Notes folder as a variable in the workflow and won't need to edit the shortcuts or manually create a notes folder before you can use the workflow properly. Have fun.
  6. Looking forward to iOS 16 and MacOS Ventura so the Shortcuts actions can be improved to deal with creating folders and notes. Alfred 5 might even add some more fun things. I've now migrated from Obsidian to using Apple Notes and this workflow so I'll be updating it as required and removing as much complexity as possible when I get a moment or two.
  7. True, true. I'll update one day, but until that day it does the job nice and simply. 😆 Perl shows my age.
  8. Have just noticed my very quick and dirty bash script to get to the app names doesn't take into account apps with a space in the name App Store.app comes out as 2 things: App and Store.app 🤦‍♂️ I'll fix it up soon. EDIT: Updated workflow to my first love Perl and it works now. https://github.com/pearcenuk/Alfred-public/blob/main/FullScreen/FullScreen.alfredworkflow
  9. Hi Jason, Closest I can get you is opening an app full screen in its own space in a fairly clunky way with a script filter to pick the app and then some AppleScript to as @vitor says "Fake the button presses" https://github.com/pearcenuk/Alfred-public/blob/main/FullScreen/FullScreen.alfredworkflow Launch by typing "fs" and choose your app from there. BetterTouchTool or KeyboardMaestro might be able to do more of what you need.
  10. Hi, Yep can certainly be done and I do it but its also worth taking a look at https://bunchapp.co for something that will do exactly what you want, you can then trigger it from Alfred I've put together a very quick example workflow for you to play with and customise to your hearts content if you want to stick with Alfred, but I don't promise it will do things as you want. https://github.com/pearcenuk/Alfred-public/blob/main/app-launch/app-launch.alfredworkflow Also if you want to make sure windows end up in the same places take a look at https://manytricks.com/moom/ Good luck
  11. After I played around with Obsidian and my Olog workflow I wondered about making one to do the same things but based in Apple Notes. That and I wanted to play with Shortcuts, so I present Notesy. yes I suck at naming things. Creates a daily note with the name in ISO-8601 format YYYY-MM-dd in a Folder (Default is Work) and allows you to append selected text or clipboard contents with or without a time stamp. Workflow available here on GitHub - README and Workflow info has links to the required Apple Shortcuts.
  12. @MaxRedacted Thank you. It was thrown together so not a complete solution, but I appreciate you messaging
  13. Started to use BOOP more for text manipulation and wanted to incorporate it into Alfred somehow. Put together a quick workflow today which will run a boop command from a list filter on the contents of the clipboard or using a universal action on selected text. It is very rough so far, but I hope to improve it soon. Downloadable from my github https://github.com/pearcenuk/Alfred-public Direct: https://github.com/pearcenuk/Alfred-public/blob/main/BOOPy/BOOPy.alfredworkflow
  14. So I do something similar but for regular searches in gmail, but would work for what you need. something like this https://github.com/pearcenuk/Alfred-public/tree/main/reply_in_imessage will reply to whatever message you have the input highlighted From anywhere will open messages and send the reply to the last received msg.
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