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Select File, move to specific folder

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HI.  I need help creating a workflow that will allow me to select a file and move it to a specific file.  For example, all my 2021 files (with 2021 in the file name), I'd like to move them to a 2021 folder for archiving.  I can then create another workflow to move them into customer specific folders.  After working from home for so long, I have files on my computer, dropbox, iCloud accounts, everywhere.  I need to pull everything together and start organizing.


I've looked at all the other other posts, and downloaded one, but it did not seem to work.  Does anyone have a workflow they could share?  


Many thanks.

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Welcome @AISHAK,


Your query is too general for us to be able to help with a Workflow. You need to give real (or pretty close to) examples of the file names and the location of the target directories. Also, which Workflow did you download? In which was did it or did it not work?

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