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Clipboard History stops working after each update

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It is a frequent annoyance that I look for something in Clipboard History, and find it has not been working for some time.  The options to keep plain text; keep images; keep file lists seem to clear each time Alfred updates and then no clipboard history is saved.

For me, this is very unhelpful behaviour and I will appreciate it if it can be fixed so those options are restored to their previous settings after an update.

Thank you!



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@Patrick_ Welcome to the forum :)


I suspect that you're using a location for your sync folder that isn't available at startup, or becomes unavailable at some stage, causing Alfred's preferences to reset to defaults.


If you're using Dropbox, for example, you need to ensure that the new SmartSync feature is disabled for the Alfred preferences folder; This feature allows Dropbox to arbitrarily decide when your data should be stored on your Mac vs online-only. 


If your issue persists, could you please email your Diagnostics file, which you can get by typing "?diagnostics" into Alfred, to our info@ address with a link to this thread?



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@Vero Great analysis and advice, thank you.

Yup, my Alfred preferences folder was located in Dropbox, along with most of my data, but I've now relocated it to User/library on Mac, so fingers X'd it will be happy there.

Many thanks for the super fast response.



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