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Web Search suggestions

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A couple of suggestions:


1. Be able to duplicate Web Searches. ie I like to have multiple Google based ones, where I would like to keep the icon, most of the URL, title, etc and just modify a couple of things. I do the same for work websites and especially any multiple websearches that will have the same icon.

2. When I want to search eg. YouTube Music I would type ym query. It would be great that if we omitted the query ym would go straight to the main page music.youtube.com. This would be great for almost all of my web searches, without having to make duplicate ones with different keywords. ie ym query for a search and yms to go to YouTube music's main page

3. For their to be a subtext option, similar to in Workflows


Hope these are useful

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Web Searches are simple by design. Workflows exist precisely so you can design your own complex behaviours which work exactly as you want:

  1. Copy the Open URL Action.
  2. Use a Conditional Utility to check if input is equal to and leave it blank (i.e. equal to nothing) and branch accordingly.
  3. This one you seem to be familiar with.

If you need help setting up any of those, do ask!

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